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An update and a plan…

It’s a long time since I’ve roleplayed or run a game and despite the brief joy of DWLive (link) I do hanker to play again.

However time is precious and my tendency to excessively world-build means it’s a lot of work to establish a game world.

The excellent Ken and Robin Talk about stuff podcast as well as the Play On Target podcast have given me ideas of how to square the circle and get more bang for my gaming time buck:

  1. In media res starting games in the action. Rather than lay out a scenario and let the players have prolonged chin rubbing start the mission in the action and ask them how their characters go into that position.
  2. A party building session the recurring ensemble games I have run worked really well around a table with players who know each other well. Online though I think from the experience of ALFIES antics and Drakesdoom it’s flawed. A notion – borrowing from Robin D Laws Dramasystem and a Play on target idea is to get players to develop their characters together. Not just as individual characters but also as a party. So the players are asked to establish their characters relationships in this initial session and their pre-game adventures, high points and low points.
  3. Let the players build the world take advance soundings from the players about that they want, use a system like Microscope to create a world background together or keep it sketchy and let the characters add to it in play.
  4. Use an off-table time using something like the Golden Heroes/Squadron UK campaign rating system together with an email group or a facebook group so that if there are big gaps between sessions the players can keep their hand in and have some character development.

Realistically this wont happen till the kids are a little bit older but this is the time to rather than write up reams of intimidated and unplayed background (though I might capture some more stuff on the blog for completeness) to think more about systems, mechanics and methods to make the most out of the gaming time I will have,

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