To Boldy Go: The FASA Star Trek RPG plan

images9H76LR60Recently I found in the attic I’d splurged a good few years ago on a load of FASA Star Trek RPG material. The 80s system is perfectly functional and left a strong impression on me as a teenager. Looking through this material I can see the potential for a 8-10 scenario campaign.

MaroonGroup2I think I’d set it in the movies era – basically because I love the maroon uniforms with their Napoleonic feel. This involves tweeking the scenarios:

I’d use a Cruiser (the ships in the scenarios vary from a Loknar Destroyer to the Enterprise – I think it’s easier to upscale the opposition for any starship combat.If I’m using a Cruiser the Reliant/Miranda/Soyuz class seems a nice iconic  recognisable vessel.  While the ships in the various scenarios work in different pieces of Starfleet the crusier will be assigned to Galaxy Exploration Command (like the Enterprise) as those ships get borrowed whenever there is an emergency for the task at hand (like the Enterprise.)

reliantThe Scenarios are in some places very 80s – the character must make a particular roll or the scenarios basically becomes stuck or characters are given little choice in some situations. I’d take the basic premise and apply modern ‘fail forward’ techniques and open up the options to the Crew.

I’m not sure whether to link scenarios by it progressing along the Federation borders or just have the game zip from theatre to theatre erratically like the show did.

I’d like a human crew with maybe one PC alien (again taking inspiration from Star Trek.) I’d like players to think about their homeworld and culture when developing the characters.

I’d also be letting the players tweek the set-up by running a session where the PC’s can

  • Let them name the ship
  • Let them customise the ship and it’s culture – i.e. does it have a bar, what sports or activities does it play, whats the crew make up.)
  • The character generation generates a career history we’d look at that and decide if any of the crew have a history – where they at the Academy together or did a stint in Military Operations command at one point. Do they get on? etc;
  • I’ll get the characters to flesh out their last mission including their last diplomatic, scientific/technical and martial (or marital ?) triumphs. Including how they worked together
  • Run a quick R&R brawl with some miners to get them a feel for the combat.

Overall I think It’d have real potential to be a 12-18 month campaign (based on decent length monthly sessions) and something I’d be thinking about starting in the Autumn of 2016 or Spring 2017.

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?



2 comments on “To Boldy Go: The FASA Star Trek RPG plan

  1. Marital triumphs? Or did you mean martial triumphs?

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