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Novakan Republic

Grand Seal of the Republic Grand Seal of the Republic

Leadership and Politics

10 years ago the monarchy was overthrown by a popularist republican rebellion. However the republican leaders weren’t able to control the chaos unleashed and a conscript army defended the revolution regimes came and went. With the peace treay of Names 3 years ago the army was scaled down to a professional core who disgusted at political infighting and bloodletting took over the government.

The Lord Protector Anton Xavier has spent the last year developing law and order. Therefore his co-conspirators have been arrested or assassinated and the Council of Brigadiers has been discarded with rule by Lord Protector’s degree now the norm. The taciturn Xavier is no great orator but his 6’5” hulking form and soft dangerous voice give him a lethal charisma. He is a renown strategist, tactician and fencer.

The ‘Republic’ is trying to hold neutral relations with her neighbours  though Nushrushar craves revenge and Dunloch harbours the exiled rebel group ‘the Falcons’ as mercenaries.

Domestically strange cults threaten stability but are dealt with via banishment. In order to gain the Pontiff’s support the Inquisition is permitted to assist the Republican Guard is their investigations of heresy.


All Army units are based on the following organisation:

1 Brigade:            Staff Battalion (Command, Engineers, Supply and Medical units)

Artillery Company (3 Batteries of 3 guns each)

Cavalry Battalion (5 Troops of 100 men and horses)

3 Battalions ( 1 Company of 100 Jagers, 4 of 100 Infantrie)

All men wear leather tunics with metal plates sewn on with heavy gauntlets and boots. A standard pot helm is issued – Infantry and cavalry wear it with a detachable neck guard and it can also be fitted with a chain veil though this has fallen into disuse.

Officers carry a broadsword and round shield.

Supply Battalion troops are issued woth a shortsword or pioneers axe with a short crossbow.

Cavalry carry a sabre, roundshield, lance, shortbow and dagger.

Jagers a longbow, shortsword and dagger.

Infantrie Pikes, shortsword and dagger,

The 21 Brigades are trained to fight semi-independently thought the Lord Protector is named 1 out of 3 Brigadiers ‘Seniors’ and these act as divisional commanders.  A further 1 out of 7 are named Lord Brigadiers and are intended to be Corps Commanders – though with their Brigade responsibilities its unclear who efficient this would be in the field.

In addition to the regular army there is a force of Republican Guard of 3 Brigades who are charged with public order in the Capital – their infantrie use halbards and their Jagers matchlock muskets. Their artillery are light guns and fire grape and chain shot.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Corps wear Green, Red or Blue helmet covers and scarfs.  Brigades wear different coloured sashes (Black for 1st, White for 2nd, Red for 3rd, Green for 4th, Blue for 5th, Purple for 6th and none for 7th Brigade in a Corps.) The Republican Guard have black helmet cover and wear appropriate sashes.

A Navy (‘Sea Brigade’) of 40 vessels clumsily handled and equipped with cannon. Sailors wear sky blue tunic and headscarf with cutlasses are standard equipment.

Ethnic Mix

95% Gothic with small border populations.

Economy and Technology

The economy has recovered beyond the pre-revolution levels with peasant small holdings producing crop surpluses exported to Dunloch, D’Elan and Duninaden. Trade to the east is poor. The nation has decent craftsmen but tends to import from Dunloch for quality goods but having banned guilds it’s manufactures tend to be cheaper (and nastier.) Technology is striving to escape the medieval.

Class Controls and Judicial system

Money is passed on from generation to generation but the clever can progress in the Army or Trade. Nobles who returned from exile get no special privileges – many have decided to make a life in the new world of Discoverie (i.e Drakesdoom.)

A Constable General is in charge of Justice – he commands the Republican Guard who patrol the capital of Verdinburg  and appoints Provincial High Constables to organise Justices. Justices are tax collector, criminal investigator and judge in their distinct and can hire deputies. The Army has its own courts and justice system. Roving Inspectors answering direct to the Constable General check for corruption and maladministration of Justic.


1 Crown = 20 shillings

1 Shiling = 5 Pence

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