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A Digital Diet: Explanation for (relative) quiet


I’ve recently returned from a 2 week holiday where I stayed off the internet for a whole two weeks as planned. Slightly helped by taking my iphone for a dip in the pool….bags of rice deployed it is still a  kaput iphone.

My contracts got a while to run till it’s up for renewal in February so I’ve decided to see this as an opportunity. To increase focus and be less distracted by digital chatter,

  • I have an ipad and wifi at home so social media will become a treat rather than a ubiquitous presence.
  • I will cease to log runs (and other workouts) using runkeeper but run set routes using a watch to have an idea of pace.
  • I will not use my fitness pal to log calories but stick to a meal plan.
  • We have a cold war era phone for emergency calls so my old number will be active soon enough.
  • Use a physical notepad for ideas and projects.
  • The one thing I will miss is my podcasts – but I may get a cheap ipod or equivalent so I can listen to them – if I can’t though it’ll be a good opportunity to read on commutes and run ‘stotan‘ stripped down style.

It will be interesting to see how tough I find it.


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