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Multiversal Comics Company: Bolt

Based on the TV shop in the Disney movie ‘Bolt’ this is a super powered dog. I may save him for low number PC games as I’ll need video as he cant speak to humans only yelp, bark or whimper!


High Concept: Super-dog searching for his missing Penny

Trouble: A target for Dr Calico and his goons (and anyone else who wants to dissect a super-dog.)

Aspect: Dog (man’s best friend, barred from joints, loyal, heightened senses, speaks animal common, distrusts cats etc;)

Aspect: Driven to find and rescue Penny (foil for his quest for justice)

Aspect: Committed to justice and the greater good (foil for his drive to find Penny)


Good (+3) Forceful

Fair (+2) Quick, Flashy

Average (+1) Sneaky ,Clever

Mediocre (+0) Careful


Super-bark: This super-breath type attack can wipe out all mooks or environmental threat (fire or a tidal wave) in a zone once per game

Zoom: Can move at amazing speeds for short periods once per game.

Lazer Vision: +2 Forceful attack (Green blasts come out of eyes)


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