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Multiversal Comics Company: The Leopard of Nolita


This is a version of the old UK comic Buster’s superhero ‘The Leopard of Lime Street.’ Billy Farmer now a New York based ‘urban chic’ fashion photographer  – he is a temperamental stroppy get (like Jack Davenport’s character in ‘Smash’) and his numerous strops and drinking benders are a cover for his getting away to save the day. Based on the first session he might need his flashy increasing and another trait toned down but overall very happy with how I played him and he fitted in.

High Concept: Northern Leopard boy all grown up

Trouble: Heart of gold behind callous exterior

Aspect: Catch me if you can, hunt me if you dare.

Aspect: Urban decay fashion photographer by day

Aspect:. Feral vigilante by night.


Good (+3)Quick

Fair (+2) Sneaky, Clever

Average (+1) Careful, Forceful

Mediocre (+0) Flashy


Leopard Sense: This can trigger a clue, suspicion or warn of an impending attack

Leopard Rage: Can take on feral attitude of a Big cat giving +2 to forceful feats ? (strength or intimidation)

Leopard Gadget: Whether pulled from a utility belt or a vehicle like the Leopard cycle he has acquired in his years adventuring in the Big Apple handy gadgets like knockout grenades, tracker bugs etc; through the largesse of STAR Labs, Stark Industries etc; can produce a gadget giving +2 in a suitable location as a one off use (has to be carried on belt or feasibly stowed nearby.)


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