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Multiversal Comics Company: The Blue Beetle AKA Ted Kord


This is indie comic creator Peter Hammerson take on the classic Carlton / DC Comics character for our shared superheroes game.

HIGH CONCEPT: Masked crime fighter / technology expert and head of Kord Industries

TROUBLE: “I have a heart condition”
Ted’s minor heart condition can lead to psychosomatic symptoms in stressful circumstances.

ASPECT: “I quip when I’m nervous.”
Prone to nervous humour and inappropriate jokes. Can be a distraction to opponents but can also annoy team mates.

Pilots a custom made flying vehicle. Carries up to 10 passengers at up to 600mph.

Combination flare/compressed air gun.


Good (+3) – Clever
Fair (+2) – Quick / Sneaky
Average (+1) – Forceful / Careful
Mediocre (+0) – Flashy

STUNT: “I have just the thing”
Blue Beetle can produce the perfect gadget for a given situation either as an addition to The Bug, his BB Gun, or as a standalone device.

STUNT: “Let me see what I can do.”
Blue Beetle can custom build a gadget given sufficient time and spare parts from his costume, Bug, BB Gun, or a local source.


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