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Multiversal Comics Company: The Unbreakable Mole Woman

My esteemed Dissecting Worlds colleague Matthew Farr has designed this super heroine based on the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and reading too many Squirrel Girl comics (as if such a thing was possible…)


Defining Aspect: Unbreakable Indiana Mole Woman
Trouble: I want to do everything! and help everyone!
Aspect: 15 years in a Bunker didn’t Break My Spirit, so nothing else will!
Aspect: To me, my Mole-y Friends! Attack!
Aspect: There’s good in everyone, you just need to find the right way through to them.

Good (+3): Flashy
Fair (+2): Clever, Quick
Average (+1): Sneaky, Careful
Mediocre (0): Forceful

Because I command an Army of Moles, I can call on them once per session to gain access for me and my freinds to any underground location.
My relentlessly perky nature gives me a +2 bonus to Flashily charm people in social situations
My friend Titus is the Best Mole there is, and his highly trained nature means that once per session he can gain information on a location that is otherwise inaccessible.

Refresh: 3


One comment on “Multiversal Comics Company: The Unbreakable Mole Woman

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