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Multiversal Comics Company: Villan: CAPTAIN CRETACEOUS


High Concept: Dinosaur commanding criminal with petty ambitions

Trouble: Focuses on petty revenges

Aspect: Southern Gentlemen (sounds like Foghorn Leghorn.)

Aspect:   Tinkering gadgeteer

Aspect:   Accomplished cat-burglar


Good (+3) Flashy

Fair (+2) Quick, Sneaky

Average (+1) Clever , Forceful

Mediocre (+0) Careful


Staff of Yig – magic item – with twin serpent heads (like Thoth-Amon symbol in Conan movie,) that can summon and command dinosaurs (dinosaurs usually mooks due to small size i.e actual velocipraptors about the size of long dog or stupidity)

Dino Clock belt buckle – the clock face from Andy’s dinosaur adventure is worn as an outside belt buckle and enables the Captain to travel back to Dinosaur times to gather dino followers. He has not refined it for more recent or future town travel.

Cretaceous Cannon – a grapple and concussive blaster (+2) gun looks like cylinder barrelled revolver.

Look – Western style Stetson, fringed safari jacket, and trousers but made out of turquoise dinosaur skins. Worn with a purple cravat Wears Lennon shades with a goatee. Looks quite a lot like John Hillerman…

That’s because he’s the son of Elmo Zimmer the half-brother of Higgins. The fact his half-uncle gave more of the Robin Masters fortune to Magnum, TC and Rick sticks in his craw. So… Revenge!


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