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Drakesdoom campaign frames – which would you prefer?

I’m really enjoying the shared supers game. I haven’t forgot all about my fantasy setting Drakesdoom and have been giving some thought to campaign frames to set for any future game in the F20esque wild west of the Midmark.

In general I think I would co-opt the team building Dramasystem method of determining the relationships and history between player characters when setting up any of these campaigns. I am unsure what I would do for a system whether I’d stick to trusty GURPS or use FATE, Lamentations of the Flame Princess or just go to Dramasystem.


Merchant Princes and Princesses whether sailing Lake Halit or driving caravans from New Duninaden, the Faraway Lands or Jade Coast in this set up the players are Merchant adventurers and their crew looking to turn a fast buck. Later if successful they could become shareholders and will have to manage more immediate concerns than simply getting a cargo to market and surviving the perils of the wilderness, hard bargaining, corrupt officials and ruthless road agents. However, the Boardroom and the Shareholder’s Muster in their own way can be as deadly as the lonely trail and the savage seas.


Cattle Barons Rancher and his cowboys engaged in protecting herds, driving cattle to market, dealing with Desert Raiders and Orcs, homesteaders squatting on their land. As shareholders in the Midmark they will also be drawn into the broader politics of the settlement.


Blood Feud As a fan of Nijall’s Saga and recently really enjoyed Poul Anderson’s ‘A Broken Sword’ this would be a globe spanning sage of blood and revenge with Scandivar characters ranging across Lake Hali and beyond. This also fits the western theme as revenge plots are very common there – think of ‘Once upon a Time in the West.’ This campaign frame could also mutate from the Cattle Baron, Merchant or Gangs frame – if everything ends in disaster then revenge would be the PCs outlet.


Grave Robbers and Game Hunters this is the default ‘murder hobo’ set up. Adventurers whether working for a patron (scientist, cattle baron, necromancer or similar) or on a freelance basis take jobs to liberate magical items from the necropolis and knock off rampaging beasts threatening villages and cattle in the bush. Of course once the murder hobos want to settle down and invest their ill-gotten gains then it could mutate into another campaign frame (perhaps introducing the next generation.)


Gangs of Drakesdoom players are organised crime figures doing favours for patricians of the city, running protection and trying to survive in the cut throat underground of Drakesdoom.


Homesteaders villagers trying to make ends meet in the face of a hostile environment and arrogant cattle barons. Maybe PCs are one family in the village in the style of the Waltons or Little House on the Prairie.


So if you were to play which of these campaign frames would appeal more to you?

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