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Random Ideas: Capturing notes from an old Ideas book

Old RPG and wargame notes from an old uncovered commonplace book captured here for future cannibalisation:

  • Pax Brittanica – Royal Navy Special Reserve – colonial space privateers (still for Niptish in Prodigal Empires?)
  • US Police jargon – police cars are RMPs and ‘the house’ is nickname for a police station.
  • French Industrial Espionage scenario (exotics) – firm trying to make new exotic restraints for developing world client – French spies carry out burglary.
  • Fallen colony Dieselpunk world with Republic of San Rosario – characters work for Rosario Office of Archeology and Strategic Technology (ROAST.) Characters recovering technology in world travelling to war (tech salvage Indiana Jones) Rival Intelligence agency FIST (Foundation for Intelligence, Statistics and Tactics.
  • Political assassination (exotics) – Senator  Ted Warren proposer of amendment 162 (which would limit ESA seizure powers) shot at 300yrd range. Assassin escaped through tunnelling powers (ESA innocent it’s self-hating Exotic with a hunting rifle.) A psychic will give warning – ESA will want control of the case and be contesting it with Secret Service. Fuel PC conspiracy theories. Victim survives to accuse ESA?
  • Hippie Roadtrip game with 25pt GURPs hippies encountering weirdness.
  • Exotic theft of Pokeman cards master prints.
  • Stargate rip of using Royal Navy (in 1950s very British Space Quatermass/Dan Dare feel) expedition gets trapped so becomes a survival/community building game.
  • Hong Kong – Navy personel smuggling to Hong Kong via NYC/Brooklyn Naval yard (exotics)
  • The aftermath of the assassination of Damien Thorn (The Omen)
  • Detroit – car theft ring fed back through Ford distributor using exotic car thief. (exotics)
  • Elizabethan spy/catholic resistance game?
  • Hotel theft cases (exotic power blocks CCTV by coincidence occurs same time as another case.)
  • NCIS type same in space (Star Trek?) or private anti-piracy security / detective force
  • Former campaign PCs became trouble shooters for Salem & Partners shifty high-powered law firm.(exotics)
  • Elizabethan Air Police alternative history (NUNCLE) – Holy Roman Empire (SRI in Latin)
  • Disband ESA Campaign asks for PC’s support.(exotics)
  • BPRD Occult busting style – Soviet team? – more muscular like Dexter’s Half Dozen – lead in from other Govenrmant agency (proto UNIT/Torchwood)
  • ESA fUN DAY (exotics)
  • Superheros at university
  • ESA KIT – FN P90, Bullpup Barrett Light 50, Steyr GP, Hard Armour, Greyhawk Helicopters, Chrysler Midgard Vans, Callico Pistols, Toffee Cannons, M60Es, Ernie the Eagle as mascot.(exotics)
  • UNIT meets the Wire – 1980S Uncovering alien conspiracies in set area
  • Rampaging D&D fighter murder hoboing across New York looking for his party(exotics)
  • Cyberpunk Brit mercenaries working in an orbital elevator
  • Christian Country exotic music star missing on tour (exotics)
  • 1920s Prohibition game set US/Mexican border
  • NESTA (Exotic terrorists group) operations manual
  • D-Hopping – Delayed ACW, 1860s Industrialised India so early Indian superpower.
  • Malaysian gambling syndicate fixing fights
  • Elephant Murder – warehouse owner who imports fairtrade tea/coffee for bistros and hipsters found killed by east Asian gangsters. Find trapdoor – traces Ivory dust been running illicit Asian medicine ingredients – got greedy and started substituting false materials. (exotics)
  • Potential Dennis Wheatley type game with different scenarios – murder mystery, costumed vigilantes, bootleggers, gangsters, ‘Raiders style, CUlt busting, espionage, Damsels in distresses, Prison bank, pirates, Prisoner of Zenda, etc;
  • Interwar Adversaries – Bootleggers, Bolsheviks, Chinese Communists/Republicans, Italian Facists, Nazis, Spanish Republicans/Nationalists, sophisticated bounder/blackmailer, Ghosts, Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, Japanese Army/Navy, Pirates, Cultistis, IRA, Zenda throwbacks, ‘Science villans, Robots, Aliens, Predatory or mythic beasts, Bandits
  • ESA Departments (R&D, External Intelligence, Internal Investigations, Counter Exotic (police support), Military Liaison)
  • PISCES idea? – F2 Tornado/Falklands – bizarre occurrences in the waters of the Cape? Disaster in the Fog, Pagan worship on the Islands?
  • Golden Dawn Scenarios – Cornwall (Tin Mines – Mi-Go linking to Bicester and Goatswood) – Liverpool (Williamson Tunnels – Ghouls?)
  • Corfu Games? Corfu incident and occupation 1923, Italian Occupation (41-43), German occupation (43-44), In Olive tree shrouded hills Shub-niggarath or Orthodox Castrati (Delta Green), Post Holocaust – tourist communities, olive oil as bio-fuel, Achilleos palace, radar station, Pirates, Albanian and Italian pirates, fortified monasteries. Cyberpunk – a border site between Europe and Islam? Cold War – Soviet occupation and resistance, Victorian spy scenario stealing secrets from Achilleos Palace from Austro-Hungarians or Sissy. Byzantine period, Good setting for modern Espionage (Colonels, modern day, cold war, Greek Civil War,) Horror set against a package holiday?
  • Other holiday locations to base ideas on – Budapest, Tenerife, Prague, Zurich, Leeds, Athens, Munich, Nice, New York, West Country, Edinburgh, Lincoln, Kirkcudbright, Paris, Bristol, Cork, London, Malta, Liverpool, Belgium, Netherlands, Brittany,
  • Victorian Adventure Game based around – a club or cricket team, old school tie with damsels in distress – kind of Victorian Persuaders.

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