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Electrical shenanigans disrupt the wedding of Prince Brion and Carmilla Von Doom sending the liner towards a black cloud of death.
While Blue Beetle and Quick’n’Twist mix it up with Olli Octolini the electrical Italian octopus the incredible mole woman regains control of the Bridge. Alice is confronted by the fiendish Batroc after the diamond but wrong foots him with her tears, watched by the tuxedoed doom or giving away the bride. Quick grasping the diamond before the Gallic thief can seize it.
The villainous scheme in tatters a squadron of Mongo Hawkmen try and seize the ship but our heroes & UNIT fend them off till Beetle can build a dimensional jammer and send those aerial Vikings back to Ming where they belong!
Who was after the diamond?

How did they assemble such a mismatched screw?

What was the mysterious black submarine in alliance with the Hawkmen?

All this and more will be answered!


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