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Prodigal empires: Mercenary Gazette: Independent Pandur Air Assault Company Von Trenck

The Ustache refusenik settled colony of Trujman eventually came to an end after a bitter war with their Tibetan neighbours of the Republic of Leng. Leng’s victory was magnanimous and the resulting Union of Janus IV (named after the planet settled,) absorbed units from both sides into its defence forces after excluding those stained by war crimes. Units where compelled to recruit to balance their ethnic composition while maintained their unit traditions.
The end of the war prejudiced a surplus of units and. A shortage of hard currency. To pay war debts various UJIV forces have been hired out to provide secuirity for corporate clients.

The 143 person Independent Pandur Air Assault Company Von Trenck are consequently detached from the Pandur Brigade of the UJIVDF they normally serve with. They are currently on contract as a security detail for the Sentience Foundations archeological digs on Arschane IV. The crack paratroopers baulk at a job that’s four parts nursemaid and one parts bug hunting but it’s the best way to serve the Union.

Operationally Pandurs wear non description combat fatigues, load carrying vests and a popular mix of firearms.  Ceremonially they have uniforms like the Turkish dress, their heads are shaved with rat tails and the unit carries a horsehair banner all like the original Austrian Pandurs of the Seven Year War.

  Pandurs of 1742 – basis of this Croatian – Tibetan SF unit.


One comment on “Prodigal empires: Mercenary Gazette: Independent Pandur Air Assault Company Von Trenck

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