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Criminals & Crimefighters 4# Finding (David) Nemo

The Multiversal Comics Company Presents The Silver Age Supers in:

Criminals and Crimefighters issue 4

Finding (David) Nemo! By ‘Kehaar!

Write up by Pete ‘the Hammer’ Hammerson

The Roll Call!

Blue Beetle! Technological business leader by day, high-flying vigilante by night!

Alice! The six year old protector of Wonderland and wielder of the Vorpal Blade – don’t get her upset!

Quik’N’Twist! Astrally projected two-fisted roller-girl!

The Unbreakable Mole-Woman! Fifteen years in a bunker didn’t break her spirit but if you’re not nice she might break your face!

The story so far… The Crimefighters have just saved the ocean liner ‘Pacific Princess’ from an alien invasion from the planet Mongo and the twin threats of Batroc the Leaper and Olly Octolini. Now following leads from Batroc and Olly the heroes are travelling to Gotham City to question that felonious fowl, The Penguin!

Chapter One: A Sinking Feeling in the Iceberg Lounge


Blue Beetle lands the Bug outside Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge. The party is in full swing as the heroes enter (apparently they are on the list!). On the way towards Penguin’s private booth they meet none other than millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne! He stops to pose for a selfie with Mole-Woman before disappearing into the crowd.

Blue Beetle approaches Penguin and makes a dreadful attempt to intimidate him. The Be-Monocled Bird of Banditry is wholly unimpressed and happily reveals that the submarine used in the attack on the Pacific Princess was legitimately sold to one ‘David Nemo’.

Hedging their bets the team opts to explore the Iceberg Lounge’s basement for clues while Mole-Woman tasks her trusty sidekick Titus the Mole to follow Penguin in the hope that he might contact the mastermind behind the attack.

Unfortunately the search of the basement turns up nothing and the site of a mole on the dance floor incites a panic and stampede. As the emergency services arrive the heroes decide that discretion is the better part of valour and leave on foot to follow Penguin’s lead to the abandoned boatyard that is the home of the mysterious David Nemo.

The boatyard is dark and creepy, stacks of junk surround decrepit and rotting boats. Somewhere, a dog barks. Quik’N’Twist spots fresh tyre tracks in the dirt, tracks that led deeper into the yard toward the dock.

Chapter Two: The Battle of the Boatyard!

Suddenly the heroes are confronted by a barrier of scrap, manned by a half-dozen Mooks armed with ray guns firing through gun ports in the wall! As the lasers begin to fly the team attack the barrier! Quik’N’Twist and Alice quickly disable several of the gun ports while Titus uses his incredible digging powers to undermine the entire structure!


The centre collapses and the heroes burst through engaging the Mooks hand-to-hand! In the distance the submarine they’ve been seeking starts to sink beneath the waves. Realising they’ve been abandoned the Mooks lose heart and are convinced by Mole-Woman to flee towards the city.

Chapter Three: Battle Beneath the Waves!


Blue Beetle summons the Bug via remote control and the heroes climb abroad. Taking advantage of the Bug’s (partially tested) underwater capabilities they pursue the submarine into the ocean.

The Bug quickly gains on the submarine. It actually looks like the team might have a win on their hands! But suddenly another submarine appears behind the Bug! For a few seconds Blue Beetle is terrified it’s Batman but quickly realises that the Bug’s radar would never detect the Bat-Sub.

Shaped like a sleek manta it can only be the vehicle of the sub-aquatic jerk Black Manta! Beetle rams the sub to try to force it to surface but fails. Black Manta fires a torpedo (or is it a missile? We’re not completely clear) and hits the Bug! Damaged and taking in water the Bug has to surface.


The battered Bug soars over the coast of Gotham. Beetle pilots, occasionally glancing over his shoulder at the torpedo hole (is it a missile hole now?) and frowning. He’s distracted by another one-man jet, approaching from the direction of Bludhaven. It is distressingly bat shaped.

Hailing the jet Beetle is delighted that it is Nightwing at the controls and not you-know-who.

Having said that, Nightwing does have a message from The Bat and it isn’t to wish them a happy onward journey…

Next Issue: The hunt for the mastermind continues as the heroes get on the trail of… The Calculator!


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