DW Live2: The Options

A little while ago me and my podcasting life partner ran a space colony game, Dissecting Worlds Live with the ideas, advice and players produced by our intelligent and passionate listenership.

Buoyed by our success we decided to do a Dissecting Worlds Live 2. As we were doing a fantastic creatures episode we thought fantasy would be appropriate and talked about an exodus theme with a ragtag bunch of exiles fleeing a oppressive kingdom. However we didn’t get the same flow of ideas. Speaking to people this seems to be due to the fact that a fantasy world does not enjoy the established grammar that a space colony game projecting from the present does. However much we might protest they have a blank slate that very blankness is intimidating and forestalls them coming forward with ideas.

Therefore we find ourselves with a blank slate for a future live event – here are a few ideas we have been knocking about I would welcome any listeners thoughts.

Red State scenario Armed siege of strange cult suspected of child abduction

  • Player groups

    GOLD strategic command – politicians and brass (maybe over Skype to enable offshore contributions)

    SILVER tactical command senior officers on hand at site

    BRONZE local operational command done as tactical war games w model of compound limited intelligence


Dissecting Worlds Sports Day – LARP tournament, jugger, Orc cricket, who can throw battlefield Earth the furthest… Any takers (surprise no takers.) However people suggested some form of online computer game.

A ‘War Room’ Crisis game with politicos making decisions in the face crisis like an alien invasion or zombie outbreak.

A Romans v Vikings Game I have thought of working out an order of battle and using a map based on Gettysburg. We would probably need to use a system with quite a large figure scale.

I’m open to any other ideas I’ll post this to the listeners and see what comes up.



2 comments on “DW Live2: The Options

  1. Apocalypse recovery.
    Unkown event causes mass deaths. Storms and floods follow and destroy infrastructure…

    Several groups
    1 group is the remnants of the government trying to regain control
    Other groups have survived due to luck, planning or sheer ruthlessness.

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