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Daccian Science Marines: Intelligence Branch Threat Assessment: The Pride (File XD-387-789A) 


The Pride are a self styled space pirate fraternity based on a feline motif. 

As well as an active pirate ship fleet it has a social component of spies, agents and fellow travellers to support its activities. The higher elechons and select agents have access to so called ‘Outpost 31’ cybernetic enhancement and conscious transfer. 

Crimes include piracy, hijacking, surface raiding, human and sentient alien trafficking, organ trafficking, smuggling and assassination.

They have also acted as privateers most noteably in the Bourboni-Garabaldi Wars (on both sides.) 


The Pride fleet  operate across the Crazy Diamond sector and have Chapters on most populous worlds in the sector. 

The Pride has two rank scructures the usual one to each ship (master, chief engineer, 1st mate etc;) plus a rank in The Pride as a fraternity. Though we say Fraternity it is open to all genders and races.

LION grandmaster of The Pride

TIGER wide ranging plenipotentiary or order officers – act as ‘commodores’ for Pirate fleets.

LEOPARD Ships captains or leaders of a planetary Chapters. 

JAGUAR Senior Ship officers/ officers of planetary Chapters 

WILDCAT advanced initiate 

CAT rank and file initiate 

CUB probationary 

In addition bespoke rank structures will be set up for large operations. 

Planetary Chapters provide information, intimdation and recruits. They tend to have infiltrated stevedore unions, space traffic control and customs. 

Ships often invited to join with all hands and are renamed  to a suitably feline name. 

The Pride operates out of extra legal facilities like Port Raja, safe bases arranged with local colonies like the Galtanian colony on Neuva Esperanza (see Appendix N for full details) and is headquarters on a moon lost in the barely navigable Broo Nebula. 


Ships usually operate alone unless part of a bespoke fleet for a special operation.

The following are known 

Sher Khan – destroyer sized pirate ship

Simba – largest ship – flight deck cruiser – destroyer armament but carries 4 armed shuttles and 4 hammerhead fighters.

Bagherra – stealth configured pirate ship (destroyer) 

Sabor – same configuration as Bagherra but dropped stealth for a forward firing plasma cannon array.

Fuli – super fast blockade runner 

Scarface Claw –  tramp spacer but heavily armed/defended (GM note = scattergun approach) 

Tom – tramp spacer but heavily armed/defended (rumoured to be an unlucky ship) 

Miss Moppet – light spacer with light arms (a Q ship know to use false transponders to attract and rescue then boards the rescuers.) 

Rum Tug Tugger – tramp spacer but heavily armed/defended

Macavity – tramp spacer but heavily armed/defended

Growtiger – tramp spacer heavily armed but light defences. 

Garfield  – tramp spacer but heavily armed/defended with extra cargo modules. 

Hobbes – light spacer with no defences but heavy middle armament. 


No formal marines exist. All ship crew and club members are expected to muck in. Such Pride members whose main contribution is close combat with be called man-at-arms on documents and leathers – master of arms of in command authority (regardless of gender.)

A special note that all tigers and select masters-at-arms have outpost 31 enhancements. Their consciousness is recorded and protected in a cyber-spider cashing which can occupy a bio-mechanical body.  This gives them enhanced survival and lethality (see Appendix P.) 


Some chapters and crews wear biker style colours / leathers with a top ‘rocker’ ‘the Pride and bottom being the Ship or planet as a matter of course. Others only wear these for Pride meets such as electing a new Lion. These would show both Pride rank and also position on a ship i.e. ‘ chief engineer / jaguar’ or ‘treasury clerk / cat’

Other than that dress is eclectic and rank rarely shown. 


The Niptish navy operates a shoot on sight policy on the open spaceways. So does the Royal Westmoreland Navy.

Both the Bourboni and Garibaldi have been betrayed by The Pride and would like to see them brough low.

It is noted the Pride has a feud with the suspected armed smuggler and Sandinista sympathetic ship the MV Scattergun Approach.


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