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Prodigal Empires : Character creation 

As part of the proposed prodigal empires RPG campaign I’m intending to have a scene setting  ‘Session zero.’ The intention of this is to let the players set the scene and determine how the party fits together. Then we’re all kind of on the same page for the purposes of the campaign. I would also consider PCs acting out crucial scenes of dialogue say around acquiring the ship or when characters first meet. 

As I’ll be using D6space which is available for free I’d be quite happy for people to ‘roll up’ their characters offLine and post them to the FACEBOOK group in advance of any session zero or do it the other way round. 

Things to think about before creating a character (in now particular order different players may start at different points.)

Ethnicity, home planet and history – prodigal empires is a vast cosmos with human (and alien) cultures at different points of development. So you want to play someone from a colony established by Methodist Welsh patagonians when they were thrown out the Christo-Communard Commonwealth or someone from an alien conquered world or anything else (a robot?) you pretty much can. 

Ship niche – the game will emphasise surface adventures but on a small ship you will need a ship role. As ship technology is open we can be flexible about this but a ship will likely need a pilot, navigator,  star drive engineer, systems engineer, Captain, etc some jobs may be combined depending on the size of the crew and ship. 

The Surface job – again I you’ll need a role for surface encounters the old D&D classes might provide a start on this:

  • Fighter (sniper, close quarter battle/boarding specialist, martial artists etc)
  • Rogues (assassin, break in artist, con man/hustler, negotiator, wheelman.)
  • Clerics (medic, engineer , Language / Xeno contact specialist, armourer )
  • Magic user (science officer, psionics, techno-Mage )

There should probably be some read through from ship role and surfac role 

Drive: Basically why does your character adventure – money, thrills, to forget , a death wish, to gain power, for a sense of freedom, to do good etc


How characters might have come to  know each other – did they work for the same Corp, are they family, veterans of the same unit , hunted by the same mob boss, meet over a shared love of Mozart ? Some combination of the above 

How characters came to own a ship – stole it, won it in a card game, crippling mortgage, liberated war surplus, a gift, borrowed prototype, it’s a haunted wreck they got for a song or something else 

Layout, character and name for the ship – probably somethings to negotiate but also good to have some ideas (I.e does it have a ship computer, what’s it’s personality , size appearance, etc ) 


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