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Prodigal Empires: Shine on you crazy diamond campaign

Things are gearing up for D6 Space campaign on skype set in a range of free space inspired by FASA’s famous ‘Triangle’ Star Trek campaign.
Here is the Diamond Sector (yes I know it isn’t a diamond but viewed on high enough scale maps in Imperial Capitals it looks like one so that’s what the unclaimed sector is know as. I have no named every system in the space I will populate them as we go.
There is a lot of empty space there to be filled in during adventures.
There is no need to bone up on the systems / planets there but here they are:
Liberaco / Mandela (any earth like planets there will have their own independent colonies.)
The Republic of Westmoreland (Alastair Bryan will have more on that.)
The Alien Reaches are a selection of alien states not really known 9Matt’s Alien will be from there.)
I should really fit in Epsilon Canaan home of the Eagles on the map.https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/mercenary-gazette-the-eagle-squadron/
The campaign will start with the MV Scattergun Approach shipping a cargo of live Silurian Slime Weasels to El Dorado for a dealer in alien traditional medicine dealer Salma Sebastian based in the anti-Communard colony of Sandinista….
 The Diamond

One comment on “Prodigal Empires: Shine on you crazy diamond campaign

  1. […] A lot more crowded than it was in the original post on the sector. […]

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