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Episode 1: when the Tigers broke free

These are very truncated notes as I am writing them a month after the event.

The Mv Scattergun Approach is delivering frozen Silurian Slime Weasels/Worms to the Colony of Sandinista on the Planet of El Dorado  to their Contact, Colony Mayor and alien traditional medicine ingredient dealer Therese Sebastian. When some of the chri units and som of the worms with their acids blood escape damaging planet systems. With some gun play and antics the crew manage to destroy the escapees ought not without damage to the ship. George Brown treads on Thelonius Tinkersmiths shoes by rerouting a comms box.

Jumping into system they detect a armed merchantmen – which they realise is a pirate ship The Sher Khan under business jargon spouting Captain Ragnar Simonson – rejecting his offer of help they land and find out Saninista has been raided by the Khan crew and children kidnapped. The Khan was supposed to be the end customers for the Slime Worms but their alien grey customers also wants the pitunity glans of human teenagers (package in the living child) – the money was too good and the buccaneers took what they couldn’t buy. 

Our heroes help with fighting fires, repairs and medicine. They then get hired to reduce the kids and bring Therese the head of Ragnar who she knows is going to make a trade at Pirate port Port Raja made out of destroyed war ships of the warring Bourboni & Gardibaldi navies by a red dwarf star.

Leaving the planet they are boarded and fined by the Niptish Colonial Cruiser HIMT Tracey Ermin – officers name in charge of boarding party was sub-lieutenant William Kurosawa. Fast talking themselves out of immediately paying a fine they jump to Port Raja a mismatched collision of war damaged ships fashioned into space station with numerous visiting pirate ships.


One comment on “Episode 1: when the Tigers broke free

  1. […] Port Raja – the pirate base and El Dorado the system with the colony of Sandinista featured in the first sessions. […]

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