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Episode III: Aerospace Inferno 

Summary for Summary for missing player benefit.
Talk w Ragnar disrupted because greys wanted deal brought forward as greys thought there was another buyer (due to alien Al’s rumour mongering) 

Thelonius tried to hardware hack the systems for where the meeting happened – didn’t work but George did a software hack and got full access 
Artemis, Thelonius & Alien Al (as opposed to player al) lugged the cryobox the engineer had rigged last session via a spacewalk to the outside of the hanger where the meeting happened. 
In the meeting was the 18 pirates, 8 kids in cryostatsis, 6 greys & one pink fungus crustacean bat winged alien thing. 
The cryobox was plugged in activated and very effective – so much George lost visuals. He also felt something reach through his neural jack scrape his mind and fell unconscious.
The boarding party went into the hanger to get the kids – every pirate & grey was frozen dead. Ragnar & the ‘thing’ were missing. As they set around their task they noticed pirate bodies heads where disappearing…
Then the airlock shut behind a space suited Ragnar escaping – Ruth who had been powering up the ship for a getaway managed to intercept him catching him in the Scattergun’s cargo bay (avoiding a pirate/windshield result !)
Meanwhile the boarders had a tense negotiation with head-harvester inside the sealed meeting bay. It turned out it liked Silurian slime worms/weasels and agreed to let the crew go, transport the kids & get them.
The somewhat dumb Reynard Batflek, bosun of the Sher Khan tried to determine what the Scattergun had picked up. The boarding party sand a pasty shaky conscious George returned to the ship..
Ragnar’s neck had been broken in his capture but he’d had something stuck to his spine via a neural interface and it had escaped removing his helmet.
Boarders from the Sher Khan were space walking towards your ship & the stripy pirate vessel powering systems. Skilful piloting by Ruth got you out of range but the navigation system was failing stopping hyper jump.   
Thelonius & Alien Al went to investigate – the captain also found the com junction box had been physically hacked and a signal sent. The Sher Khan was sedately coming into weapons range… Looking under the cjbsul they found a metal crab robot – it spurted acid at Thelonius and ran to the weapons system. the weapons system started to spontaneous prepare to safety jettison the ships missiles. Ruth physically shut it down, Al Al scattered over the control panels accidentally launching a distress bravo and failed to hit the crab which Thelonius then dirty harried with his dirty great big gun. He then fixed the nav system in the nick of time and off they shot.
The end 
Things what we learned
Having a player and another character called Al is confusing 
Things work much better if we don’t try to discuss what we’re going to say / do when we are actually in the scene trying to say/do it. Discuss before combat/conversation if chance to do so not during it. Game ran at much better pace admitted it was less investigation more action but was still noticeable.
I’m going to chat individually we folks about bringing out their disadvantages /sub plots.
Thelonius is very protective of the ship & doesbt like its systems being messed with as he knows how it all fits together.
Amy doesn’t feel terribly comfortable as captain so fancies Artemis taking back seat as an owner & hiring or appointing a captain – maybe from existing crew, maybe NPC (or heh maybe a new player just occurred to me.)

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