Prodigal Empires Roleplaying : The crew and ship the MV Scattergun Approach 

Recently started a Skype RPG game set in the Prodigal Empires background I’ve used for war games for a number of years. 


Amy-Jayne is playing Artemis Brown and she inherited the ‘scattergun approach’ she is owner of the ship and de facto ship’s master/Captain. 

Alastair is going to play Ruth Blackett, Royal Westmoreland Navy retired pilot 

Justin  is playing Theolnius Tinkersmith  an engineer w demolitions skills from a colonial backwater 

Gareth  a hacker from a hive world,  George Brown acting as ship’s communications officer.

Matt  as  El’Al Sadgra an alien dilettante xeno expert.

Artemis Brown 

Daughter of the infamous “purveyor of cultural antiquities” Michael Carrington, Artemis spent her childhood jumping from one planet to another helping her dad “liberate” priceless artefacts because of her planet hoping she developed a good grasp of a variety of different dialects and is quick to learn new languages. While Michael was out working Artemis would tinker and create gadgets to aid her dad, until one day Michael never came back. Ashamed of her father and the family business at the age of 15 Artemis left the planet where her father was last seen, took her mother’s name (Brown) and started just jumping from one barely legal job to another. Artemis knows nothing about her mother, Rosalind Brown, and has no desire to find her or her scoundrel father. 

As a result of her upbringing Artemis is stealthy and quick to blend into her surroundings. Her only goal is to get by from day to day.

 Thelonius Tinkersmith from Piraxa, a backwater moon world with only bits of available tech.

Thel is 55, having lived most of his life on Piraxa, before a large explosion made it unhabitable, leading to the couple of small settlements leaving and going to new places. He has Tourettes syndrome, which occurs mainly in very stressful situations.

He has always had a special knack with fixing things, seeming to pick up new skills quite easily and quickly. He gained a reputation for sterling work in the field of flight systems repairing, through his repeated ability to find ways of keeping things going against all odds!

George Brown

Hacker for hire working for various for various criminals at first on the Hive planet of New Sarum, then as his reputation grew on the stations and planets of the surrounding systems, until one day his luck ran out and he got a job on the first ship that was leaving, the MV Scattergun Approach.

Ruth Blackett, RWN (rtd)

Friendly but sarcastic, loyal to her friends, quick to anger if her loved ones are threatened. A Royal Westmoreland Navy veteran with her service flight jacket and blaster. Shoulder length black hair, capita atone blue eyes with a piercing gaze. 

El’Al Sadgra
Description: Standing about 130cm at the shoulder, he is a typical Hamondai, which means to human eyes he looks like a small, blue-grey and un-feathered therapod dinosaur. The main difference that would strike you is that his head is shortened, with a more expressive jaw and larger eyes set forward, with a second set of eyelids that change his visual wavelengths (he can “see” heat). He has a pair of crests behind the eyes that cover his breathing holes, which sit on the back of his neck. His left arm is a full cybernetic replacement and at various places on his skin other implants can be seem; some functional and some purely decorative. 

Background: Sadgra with introduce himself as a young member of the Clan Ma’Clom, As is traditional he has left his home to bring back new information for the benefit of the Clan and therefore he has accredited himself with the Hamondai Diplomatic Corps and travelled into Human Space. His mission is to seek out new life, and new civilisations, explore strange new worlds, and boldly go where no Hamondai has gone before. Or, something like that.

The MV Scattergun Approach (previously the Aeons Dawn)

Throwing out a few ship design ideas : emphasis w be on surface adventures but idea of ‘home’ helps I think. This is just up for discussion. 


Bridge/cockpit: pilot, navigator , science & flight engineer/astromech stations & ‘captains’ chair. Three other stations which can be set up on a modular basis. There is also access to a chin turret. 

Central corridor coming off bridge with four double bunked rooms & a captains office/ single bed room. 

Midway down corridor is a ladder to a gun turret. Also a ladder down to the corridor that leads to the cargo deck/pods. 

Airlock a off both cockpit & exiting out op of the lounge. 

Corridor ends in a lounge/galley area (acts as sickbay in emergency) ladder down to engine room. 

Ladders can be cut off by iris value as can lounge & bridge. 


Engine room with iris value to cargo deck. 

‘Roll on roll off Cargo deck has Six gates to modular pods for additional cargo (like cargo containers.) 


Dorsal & chin turrets w close/point defence lasers. 

Half a dozen civilian grade PDM (Pretty Dumb Missle) missiles/drones mounted in a 3 middle racks on side the lounge.

(Deck plans by the talented Wedgedoc )

2 comments on “Prodigal Empires Roleplaying : The crew and ship the MV Scattergun Approach 

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