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Episode V: Burning Bridges

Faced with the chaos aboard the Ark the away party of ‘Al’ (Alien diplomat/cultural researcher), Thelonious Tinkersmith (Engineer) and George Brown (Hacker) manage to form an uneasy alliance with the Catholic Communard Marines and George gains access to the strange ambient energy coursingthrough the Ark’s superstructure. Narrowly avoiding being fried like the Marine hacker he manages to perceive the disjointed data of the Ark.  All the while a gelantious acidic cube (one of the Ark’s predators) advances on the party (immune to Marine fire) only to be smashed when George using his access manages to smash it between cells of the complex.

Amongst the cacophony of the station they manoeuvre through and round cells controlled by George’s link. They become  under attack by tiny ravenous  blue maw mouthed like humanoids which swarm George and they void cubes to create a vacuum that disposes of most of the attackers and also sucks out the allied Marines. They locate and capture both Michaela and the   tiny Catholic Communard Engineer  B Miranda Beatriz in a cell and shoot it into space for Ruth piloting the Scattergun to recover and rescue.

They then shoot themselves out shooting all the cubes out  the station. However  they get a radio call from the surface – the Jomsviking Oberkommando invite them to let the framework of the station plummet on one of their rvials on the planet Sudhara Bharat or the rebel Nigerian colony Obu.  However Thelonoius using his limited psychic link and against Georges will directs it to fall on the space Nazi’s themselves colony. A fist fight results between Engineer and Hacker but not for long as the last two ships of the Jomsviking Luftwaffee – two space fighters are making for the Scattergun to extract their revenge.

Theolonius takes the rear turret. Al the forward turret. George appeals to the CCC Stealth ship Pulpo offering them the return of their engineer if they save the Scattergun. In a hasty alliance of convenience the Pulpo engages stealth mode the Scattergun turns about the pass in front of the stealth ship and it opens fire – and one of it’s turret explodes and the rest miss. Tinkersmith manages to damage and then destroy one pursing fighter and Ruth brings the Scattergun manages to come about for the Pulpo to finally dispatch the last space Nazi.

The crew of the Scattergun notice the Pulpo is damaged from both it’s ramming and subsequent hits from cubes the party voided from the Ark. As it comes alongside to board and recover Miranda the crew have doubts – perhaps the Communist Catholics intend to board their ship as opposed to gamble on their ruined destroyer staying intact. The suggest an exchange on the friendly planet of El Dorado and hyperspace off from the ruin behind them.

On El Dorado an exchange takes place but Beatriz demands political asylum from the local authorities refusing to be taken into custody by the local Communard Charges de affaires. The crew exit leaving the diplomatic entanglement behind them…

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