Episode IV: Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

The Mutoids a ‘jasmine Bhangra’ band have hired the Scattergun Approach to go and recover their lead guitarist Michela who has ran off to join a cult – the Arkvists. They have a tour coming up and the band’s contract is void without her.
The Arkvists worship the supreme predator and their Temple (or Ark) is a floating cube made up on rotating moving transparent cells containing the galaxy’s top non sentient predators that they mediate on from the interconnecting corridors between the cells.

(Think Cube or cabin in the woods.) 

The Ark was an abandoned alien hulk but in such poor repair and low tech nobody claimed it before the Arkvists leader Noah Mulch.

The Ark is in orbit of the planet Hakuna Matata in the Van Gogh system.

It is the site of skirmishes between the (Tamil) Republic of Sudhara Bharat, Oberkommando Jomsvikings the white supremacist exiles of aratsu & new Midgard and the rebel Nigerian colony of Obu. None of them have a space navy. 

There are also few gas mining operations off the systems gas giants.

The crew choose not to take the rest of the band Raphela (percussion), Donetalla (keyboards) & Leona (vocals/base sitra) with you. After all they are musicians not ninjas. The Captain is indisposed with slime worm fever.

Using the crews resident alien ‘Al’ the crew persuade the Arkvists they can procure new stock for the cubes. Al, George (hacker/communications) and Thelonius (Engineer) enter the station to negotiate.  They are greeted by senior brother and the jaundice cult leader Fernando Mulch who simply smiles serenely while they discuss terms. 

Fernando Mulch – not so serene at the end of the mission.
Thelonius notes one of the cult members is Beatriz Miranda, a Catholic Commundard ace ship designer. George through answering a call of nature tries to find a way to hack the station systems but draws a blank. 

Just then a Communard stealth ship Pulpo comes out of stealth and opens up on the station tearing a hole in it which it rams disgorging  power armoured marines into the Ark. Ruth lets the crew know while powering weapons. George feels himself come under telepathic control which the psychically sensitive Theolonius is aware off. George wants to defend the Ark but his ship mates slap him out of it and start to escape. 

They come across 3 nervy marines and prostrate themselves. while one marine appears to try and hack the system by tearing a hole in it revealing energy flows butfalls in a spasm. they managed something though because every cage on the station opens releasing the beasts…..

2 comments on “Episode IV: Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

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