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Pendragon PBEM more thoughts 

I really want to run a Pendragon PBEM… or do I ? Here are my thoughts I welcome yours on Facebook, twitter or comments 


I think the end of year, battles & set piece events lend themselves to play by email play. Responding to Aggravaine accusing Lancelot is a nice clear issue – likewise the battle/estate sub systems seem to work well.

Where I fear things would fall down is quests and adventures – the more conventional side missions a knight undertakes. But I think there is a third way.

Everyone involved rolls up a knight for the initial era. Yearly events happen on a set timescale (say monthly) adjudicated by the PBEM GM(s) however between times anyone can run an adventure for any PCs other than there own via Skype, text or face to face play. Adventures are reported in to the PBEM forum but mutual enjoyed and to develop the story. There would have to be usual round robin rule that you can’t directly contradict something said in an earlier chapter. 

Setting & Era 

A quick survey on twitter brought out people would like to start with uther and have characters from all over the country. For me there is a fundamental contradiction there.

Uther (and the subsequent anarchy) is post Roman apocalypse – might makes right. As a result people stay close to their neighbours and blood relatives and would not adventure with Knights from enemy or potential enemy kingdoms. There is no glue of chivalry to keep things civilised. 

There I would rather nights started together in either Cheshire or the established lands detailed in the books Logres/Salisbury/Lyndsey. Cheshire lends itself to a variety of Knights Cymric from the countryside, Roman citizens in chester and as a major port a frank, occitian, Saracen, Irishman or anyone else (Jew or instance) could be there even in the bad old days. The established lands would make life easier however. 

Depending on numbers we could cut players and have a party in Cheshire and one in Logres leading to fun when the boy king is crowned and they eventually after the wars are united under Arthur. However it may be an unwarranted level of complexity. 

Furthermore starting with Uther means it takes a long time to reach the properly Arthurian period & chivalry. I think I’d prefer to start with the Pre-Boy King period and get into chivalry a bit sooner. 


Id really like to hear what you think on both the mixing PBEM & f2f and the era/geography issue. 


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