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Episode VII: Biding my time (Part 2)

Debating how to infiltrate the Princip City Spaceport recover their ship the Scattergun Approach and escape the planet and it’s Blackhand masters (and the nefarious psionic grise behind them Fernando Mulch) the crew mates decide to craw up the sewer that runs beneath the southern Air Defence Tower and into the Terminal and take control of the air traffic control enabling them to escape.


George and Al stay with the ship. Theolonius sneaks into the narrow sewer but the rogue pilot Beiang  Xiang is spotted by a VTOL technician and decides to create a diversion by legging it to the Ministry of Exchange vessel. Doing his best Forrest Gump impression he manages to find shelter in landing gear housing of the Christo-Communard vessel before the technician can get the MG crew on the terminal building to spot him.

Thelonius struggles up the sewer narrowing missing being deposited upon by a toilet under in the AD bunker. He blocks the urinal, flooding the downstairs loos. This gives him privacy, so he manages to chip his way out the sewer, into the Terminal Building toilets. Sneaking out he manages to surprise two guards who due to their heavy smoking to not smell him and knock them out with a fire extinguisher.

Beiang to being searched for my the Princip APC and it’s squad – he runs them a merry dance – eventually getting to the Tendulkar and breaking in to exchange fire with the APC from the Tendulkar chin turret. He then escapes the Maphilindo ship leaving the guards boarding it while he bides his time.


Princip APC


Thelonious changes into an unconscious guard uniform and manages to take the temporary ATC over which has been moved into the Temrinal building for safety and control. Securing the Air Traffic Controllers who surrender without a fight he goes on the roof takes the MG gunners prisoner and shoots up other MG positions around the port before going down and trashing the ATC.

At this point George and Al from the boat start to shoot up the APC and guards who were racing back to the terminal to deal with Thelonious. In the confusion Beiang gets on board the Scattergun Approach powering up the engines. The rest of the crew join him and the Niptish ship the HMIT Tracy Ermin starts to drop orbital impact weapons on Princip positions in the spacesport.

Their offer of intelligence to the Niptish is dismissed and they find a Princip Starfighter ont heir take but thanks to Thelonious boosting the systems and Beiangs piloting lose it in an asteroid field. AFter some discussion and with a heavy heart they abandon the system and potentially the ship’s Captain Artemis Brown to the chaos as the Niptish proceed to rescue their sailors from the interment camp and in so doing leave Princip open to it’s neighbour’s revenge.

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