Episode IX: Merry Christmas Song 

The crew are shipping presents donated by the SANTA Cotporation  to a children’s orphanage but Thelonius is contacted by a mildly psychic taking Mongoose with large hand like paws calling himself Gef.

The cheeky ferret is an Evolved Life Form (or ELF) who are held as slaves by the SANTA corporation. He offers the crew money & psychic training if they assist a revolt. He babbles a form of revolutionary Marxism with a all the attending process, procedure and  ideological purity.

However it’s Christmas so they decide to help him. After delivering the presents to the orphanage.

Landing at a friendly world the crew score weapons and to find things sell Gef to touring vapid orange controversial dodgy haired United American presidential candidate Brian Fart. Gef escapes from the Fartitator and they head back to the SANTA corp  

Approaching under cover of wanting further work they are offered a job escorting biological warfare assets – ELFs! Gef lied to them.

Geff gets paranoid – hides in the bowels of the ship disabelling sensors. Thelonius confronts him in the engine room and after a stand off there is fire fight – resolved by Al the alien (effectively a raptor type dinosaur) following his instincts and biting the head off Geff.

(For future adventures Gef may or may not have comrades called Buck or Brown Jenkin…) 

(Original inspiration for Gef came   Here

& Marxist revolting elves Here 

Check out hypnogoria it’s ace) 

2 comments on “Episode IX: Merry Christmas Song 

  1. […] ship the Scarface Claw which does extensive damage to the Scattergun (and lasers keep jamming from Mongoose hair) they land. Thelonius doing an amazing job of damage […]

  2. […] Romero as well as having a quarantine orphanage is home to the planet D’Argenta […]

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