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After 6 Months play: The state of the Crazy Diamond

After 6 months (to the day) of the play the Crazy Diamond Sector has been a bit more fleshed out by the voyages of the MV Scattergun Approach and the sterling help provided in scenarios and ideas by my friend Stubber. Here then is what the Crazy Diamond sector looks like now:


A lot more crowded than it was in the original post on the sector.

What are these systems and powers then ?

Port Raja – the pirate base and El Dorado the system with the colony of Sandinista featured in the first sessions.

Kulipari is home to the Planet Marcos which has on it the Social Democratic Republic of Princip (as well as rival Mongolian, Somali and Turkish settled colonies.)

Tau Verde is a jump nexus point being terraformed and home to Corporate interests

Romero as well as having a quarantine orphanage is home to the planet D’Argenta

Van Gogh system was home to the Ark (and the colony of Jomsvikings space nazis flattened by the Ark) as well as rebel Nigerians and Tamil colony the Republic of Sudhara Bharat

Nibeugen is an industrial world – under one Government – think Dickins meats Bladerunner with hints of Bas Lang.

Abyss Station and feudal Azend shall feature on future scenarios. (And I have a couple on the map I need now to look up!)


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