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Devacon Game: Mystery at Melchester Rovers

I am lucky enough to be running two games at Devacon on Saturday 29 April 2017. The Convention is £10 in advance or £11 on the door at the Crowne Plaza, Chester. In the afternoon I will run my old Grogmeet Gangbusters game ‘The Nefarious Nine’ and in the evening I will run one of a UNIT game.

It’s 1977 Melchester Rovers are a world famous English football team who play at Mel Park. They being investigated by the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT) from Doctor Who because:

  • Strange lights are seen over Mel Park at night
  • When the team plays in South America it is inevitably kidnapped and the kidnappers come to increasingly sticky ends with vague investigations.
  • Melchester seems to have a strange pattern of disappearances around Mel Park.
  • The Team also seems to alternate between winning the league and battling relegation year on year. UNIT scientists have tracked this with the ebb and flow of solar radition.
  • Since joining the team in the 1950s Team star  Roy Race appears to be getting younger year on year.

The following UNIT Investigators are available as pre-gens with a note on how they discovered aliens and came to join UNIT.

  • Professor Ian Westbrook – seconded from the British Rocket Group and former Oxford Blue Fly Half .He’s worked closely with Professor Quatermass.
  • Lt Matthew Farr – seconded from the Royal Engineers, former Bomb Disposal technician. Dealing with a unexploded bomb in Norwich he found a buried alien time capsule.
  • Dr Imogen Christie – former  Porton Down (British Chemical Weapons Lab) researcher and War Crime Investigator. In the course of working in Bangladesh she uncovered a crashed alien space ship.
  • Flight Sergeant Harry Joseph – seconded from RAF, a electrical and avionics expert. He witnessed UFO battles as  a radar operator on a Vulcan bomber.
  • Private Sophie Serena – seconded from Intelligence Company 14 / Women’s Royal Army Corp (an unit which operates undercover in Northern Ireland doing surveillance in Republican communities.) She was instrumental in dealing with a Sontatran  in Londonderry.
  • Justina Bellindo – a glamourous investigator seconded from Interpol, a top level undercover drugs investigator originally from HM Customs and Excise. She busted a drug ring of Zygons.

One comment on “Devacon Game: Mystery at Melchester Rovers

  1. […] the players where great – I had a pair of players of last years Roy of the Rovers / UNIT game (Glenn makes a very good nun) , a former treasure trapper who knew Peckforton Castle […]

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