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Dissecting Worlds University (v.1) 

Based on a recent excellent episode of the almost educational podcast I’ve put together my ‘ all time faculty’ for a fictional university. I didn’t the time restraints they did recording a podcast  so have expanded facilities and because this is based on US system we have sports coaches. 

University of New Brighton 

Sports teams: The Seagulls 

Chancellor: Bessie Braddock

Motto: Through struggle to the Stars 

Heads of facility 

History: Robert E Howard 

Economics: Arnold Swarzeneggar 

Mathematics: Ibn al-Haytham

English Language Arts: George Orwell

Physics:  Mary Somerville 

Biology: Mary Anning

Chemistry: Marie Curie

Medicine: Mary Seacole

Engineering: Hedy Lamarr

Art:  Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun

Music: David Bowie

Politics and Government: Talleyrand 

International Relations: Duc de Richelieu 

Business: David Allen 

Sports: Percy Cerruty

Soccer Coach: Johnny King

Cricket Coach: Duncan Fletcher 

So what do think and I wonder what my podcast partners would do with this challenge. 


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