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Cheshire Pendragon Year 497

There were Four adventures in the year.

The Adventure of the Moel’s Mission

Sir Hannibal and his Roman squire Spurius travel to Moels to help Admiral Nemo keep an eye out for raiders. On route they pass Thor’s Rock where the Formorion was kiIlled. The rock is surrounded by a ‘green chapel’ of undergrowth – investigating they disturbed a strange green ogre which fled roaring into the Wirral forest leaves tendrils attached to it bleeding curious sap. It seems the site maintains it’s magical properties – does the great emerald warrior have any connection to the wildling’s witch Munro?

At Moels the Knight and Squire are entertained by Sir Nemo who complains of cattle theft. They meet the cantankerous Father Padrig on route to Ireland to convert the heathen after missionary efforts in Norgales. After a feast they are awoken by the Moels hoestead on fire – marshalling fire fighting efforts with Padrig they find out livestock has been stolen.

Racing across the sands, accompanied by Marines under Optio Semperfis, they are ambushed by from the dunes following a false trail laid by the wily cattle thieves. Battle ensues and having interrogated a prisoner they chase through the forested hill of Wallasey aware they at being tracked and surrounded in the undergrowth. They come to a surprisingly civilised settlement around a natural harbour (or ‘pool’) not fancying their chances against the palisade and well armed warriors they parley wit the old Crone who runs the settlement ‘Mother Red Cap.’ The settlement, Wallasey was abandoned by the Romans and has had to fend for itself against Irish and the wildlings. Sir Nemo’s men have attacked her’s on sight leading to the cattle raids. She proposes peace for her being married to a knight and bringing the village into Cheshire. Sir Hannibal already married agrees to take her proposition to the Dux.

The Adventure of Guinevere’s Christening 

Sir Renauld and his Squire Piran ride with the Dux under the truce with Cameliard. The Dux entrusts Renauld with gathering intelligence at the wedding on matters in Camelird, Orfoise and the whereabouts of King Pellinore the fallen king of Norgales, replaced by the monstrous King Rhyons and reduced to hunting the Questing Beast.

At Stafford they learn of the continuing fury of Sir Gregory of Stafford for Cheshire in general and those who tortured his brother Sir Geoffrey in particular. They meet Ganieda, Merlin’s half sister who appears to have some leadership position amongst the Sisters of Minerva a pagan order. They discover she is in conflict with Friar Stephen over who has care of the baby Princess Guinevere and members of the sisterhood are spread throughout Logres and the south.

Renauld discovers via an embassy arranged by Sister of Minerva Lady Nia that Cameliard’s ally Orfoise is being led to conflict with Chester by it’s liege lord King Belisans of Suglaes who is engaged in a struggle with King Rhyons for the Welsh mountains. At the Christening a clash breaks out between the rivals of Clarence and Gloucester but Renauld pacifies the fighters and in gratitude he is awarded mounts for him and Piran by King Leogandance.

Piran charms a younger Sister of Minerva Ygraine and discovers the following about the order:

” Of course the sisterhood of Minerva predates the Romans – it’s the Celtic goddess Belisama who is our ultimate patron but a Roman name turns the heads of lords and ladies….
I don’t pretend to understand what goes on between Ganedia and Merlin – he seems perfectly fine to me but she can’t stand him. It’s confusing but it’s something to do with we provide the flesh and he provides the steel ? Then we guard the steel and he guards the flesh? – whatever that means? It’s all above my ranking in the mysteries but you hear bits you know…” when they leave Lady Ygraine is seen in tears.


The Adventure of clearing Beeston Crag

Sir Gilmere and Mathuin are sent to clear Beeston Craf so that a castle may be built there and enable a watch to be set over the south of the county. Talking to Brother Cadfel the confessor of the Dux and a keen man of letters they here a strange tale that the crag is the head of a giantess killed by Brutus the Trojan ancestor of the Britons when he claimed this islands and rumours the crag is haunted by the dreams of the dead giantess.

The truth is more mundane and more terrifying. They find after losing a horse a horde of blood sucking intelligent lice the size of small dogs. Fighting them off they escape and return with Brother Cadfel. (It turns out Cadfel has no liking for Merlin ‘the magnesium dust wielding charlatan.) ‘ With the brothers wit and there keen eyes they convert a wagon to spout Greek fire burning the forest and the lice.  However they are surrounded at night an the pumps jam – through heroism with holy water, fire and sword they destroy the rest and indeed the ‘Mother of all lice’ and thousands of nits she protected having to flee on a brakeless wagon hurtling down the slope as the top of the crag explodes behind them.

The Adventure of Watching upon the Tarn 

Sir Gato and Anerin are assigned to watch upon the Tarn for Cameliard perfidy during the truce. In so doing they comes across a parade of a Baachus type figure with parodies of Baachante and Satyrs around him and a elederly Silenius type figure. Approaching they are set upon and find the defeating the attackers find evidence of cannibalism bbut their attackers are local lads and lasses. The Baachus admits that Silenius is the actual cult leader and despite being pursued he manages to escape.

The Chester men come across the village of Oswestry and find the youngsters have ran off to join the cult where Silenius has taken over the Kynaston caves as his cult centre. It had been a home to a pagan witch Kynas but she had been driven out by the visiting Cameliard fanatic Friar Stephen who unleashed some spirit she’d had imprisoned.

Sir Gato and Anerin ride out. The Wizard seems more erect and less pot bellied than before with uniformly filed teeth. Aided by stout Oswestry alewife Bella and cudgel welding folk of Oswestry they find his followers taken on a demonic aspect in this his place of power. Through strong hearts and strong arms they force there way on forcing him to flee

The gratitude of Oswestry shall prove a boon to Cheshire in 498AD

Anerin’s Wedding 

Anerin is knighted and becomes the husband of Mother Redcap. After rough handling and an adventure in the caves of Wallasey he joins the Cult of the Labyrinth which prepares him for the rough handling of his wiry crone of his wife…








The Adventure of Watching upon the Tarn 

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