Flashing Blades: Adventures of the Cauldroneers! 

I’m running Flashing Blades ! Here are our Characters who share lodgings at the House of the Bubbling Cauldron.

Stefan d’Anjou: (soldier) A tall Royal Dragoon of average build, he has a medium complexion, Dark hair, bright blue eyes and an anchor beard. His clothes are the fashion from about 5 years ago but quite serviceable. He wears a low slung belt from which hangs a cavalry sabre and a leather pouch. A flintlock is attached to a cross body leather sash along with 6 charges. He is often seen fingering a couple of #lucky# dice that he will sometimes roll if asked something. Pausing to look at the result before replying. His rank is in limbo while we negotiations continue on a loan from Jean de Griz to purchase a commission.

Joseph La Fontainbleu: (Gentleman?a young man high of voice and clean of chin, but even at a young age has the tanned skin of a life spent often outdoors, A noble by rank and dress, he nevertheless seems lacking in some of the more modern graces, as befits his obscure country upbringing. He has clear hazel eyes and unruly brown hair he keeps pulled back from his face. He carries a rapier and main gauche, along with a bow carried on his prize possession; a fine horse brought from home. Accompanied by a lackey Pierre Davide , a cousin of their landlord, who has a pleasant, open, face and as the son of tinker speaks man languages and leans on a heavy quarterstaff. Pierre came is a sticky end and was replaced by the grumpy surly Boulanger

Chevalier (later Baron) Remi Sordeau: (Gentleman) Of average height with broad shoulders, a barrel chest and a growing paunch, his dark cropped hair and fair complexion give little away about his lineage. Yet this is never an issue for those he meets, for his pleasant, disarming demeanour and engaging repartee wins him both friends and influence in the right places.

When travelling or ‘on business’ Remi likes to be prepared and wears padded armour, gauntlets and boots. For many years Remi has developed a habit of testing his disguises and can frequently be found after dark in various establishments playing out one role or another. Some people know him as Pierre, others as Armand, yet others as Guillaume – some of these people are friends to his other identities; he knows of their business, families and mistresses. His disguises and espionage skills have led him to uncover the identities of a number of heretics. Remi’s crucifix is worn on a strong chain; although he has never used it as such, he wonders whether it could be used as a garotte.

During daylight hours Remi was devout man, some might say a religious fanatic. He was driven by his duty to God and the Church and by his loyalty to the Knights of the Dagger. He was also studying at a Jesuit Seminary for the Priesthood. He eventually was made a Baron.

In late 1623 we said adieu to Remi Sordeau, priest in training, Baron and member of the Knights of the Dagger. He had his head smashed in by a giant man-crocodile wielding his manservant as a club. It’s how he would have wanted to go.

Replaced by hot-blooded duellist Drurand La Bossiere (soldier) (Neil) also of the Royal Dragoon’s – a bold scout, linguist and man at arms.

Antoine Sapine: (Rogue)

Antoine is best described as “short & thin”: coming from a poor family, his father died when he was young, leaving him to fend for himself on the streets – a fact that left him malnourished for most of his formative years, hence his small stature and general impoverishment.

Despite his upbringing, he is surprisingly dextrous – a skill that was essential to his surviving this long. Whilst his clothes are of (very) poor quality, he does possess a good quality rapier, which he guards jealously.

Jean de Griz (gentleman) a hot blooded banker with a substantial fortune and nose for intrigue.

A brief word on lodging the characters live in the Maison de chaudron bouillonnant (the House of the Bubbling Cauldron) owned by Anton Davide  it is in the heart of Paris opposite the rough but adventuresome Tavern de Beverage Noir (Bar of the Black Drink) a scurrilous alehouse.

The lodgings are comfortable with the PCs having rooms on the ground floor and a shared sitting room and the family an apartment above but surprisingly cheap. There is a shared kitchen. Natural any lackey sleeps on the floor.

Why is it cheap ? Why Anton is alchemist and his basement bubbles and stinks with the occasional experiment puts the less courageous tenant off!

Anton Davide – the Landlord !

Anton’s father was a successful merchant based in the Christian quarter of Tangiers who returned to France to live of his investments. Unfortunately the investments collapsed but Anton secured an income though his wife who was a wealthy widow the beautiful and flirtatious Francesca who has a healthy rental income from city properties. He also has a job as a minor official at the Hotel de Maison (City Hall) but this takes very little time. This frees Anton to pursue his primary loves clubbable company, political banter and alchemy.

To be fair Anton is excellent company – he has particular hobby horses and is prone to ramble on in them in a succession of stage whispers and comedy asides. Primarily amongst those is the Divine right and infallibility of Kings, the woeful advisers surrounding the monarch and the economic curative that state backing of alchemy would produce. As Anton doesn’t have the ear of anyone important this rambling doesn’t get him into trouble but if he ever did…the Cardinal’s agents may take a poor view of it.

Anton’s second tier of conversation is sport – horse racing, cock fights, bull baiting, duelling…anything really though his conversation on this topic is fuelled more than opinion than knowledge and he rarely puts a wager were his mouth is. His third is gossip.

Anton’s alchemical experiments don’t seem to get very far – Anton asserts this is due to lack of funding. However a neutral observer may consider that his numerous social engagements at taverns and coffee houses, the innumerable circuits of chats between chores and his ability to be distracted by new theories and equipment might be the problem. Focus is not Anton’s strong point.

Anton is a loyal husband though he has yet to be blessed with children; he is also a loyal son of the Church and pays his taxes.


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