Pink Gins & Googlies : a Pulp Appendix N

‘Pink Gins and Googlies’ is the working title for a pulp episodic campaign based all the players characters being players of Cranford Ladies College old girls cricket tour of the Empire and United States .

So far I plan mysteries involving Egyptian curses, obscure cults, dope dealers, smugglers, nefarious reds and beastly Huns as the tour covers matches in Cairo, Aden, Mumbai, Colombo, Singapore, Perth, Sydney, Wellington, Hollywood and the Hamiltons.

Pre Gens likely to include a St Trinian’s gym (and history) mistress, one of Bertie Wooster’s aunts, an Italian countess with obscure powers, a Worrals of the WAAF type aviatrix and a miss marple pastiche.

Talking on line with folks looking at inspirational reading for Pulp Cthulhu I thought it might be useful to pull together an Appendix N of the material I’ve been reading or watching (or is on my acquire list) for this project. Appendix N of the Dungeon Masters Guide being Gary Gygax’s compendium of sources which inspired him writing AD&D.

To quote Gygax ” in some cases I cite specific works, in others, I simply recommend all of their fantasy writing to you.” The rider of course is many of these were written in earlier reductionist times with attitudes to race, class, gender and faith which are deeply problematic for modern readers. I personally think you can take things from the work while acknowledging and leaving out (or subverting or challenging) the problematic elements in a game but that’s a personal decision.


Dennis Wheatley, in particular the Duc Richelieu stories and the satanic horror ones (which do overlap such as in ‘the Devil rides Out’ which has a fine Hammer adaptation.)

Captain WE Johns, the Biggles stories as well as Worrals (lady biggles), Steely and Gimlet. A good overview of Biggles plots can be garnered by reading Biggles: The Authorised Biography by John Preston.

Sapper’s Bulldog Drummond stories

Leslie Charteris The Saint series

Sax Rhomer’s Fu Manchu series

Lester Dent’s Doc Savage stories, an excellent romp through for plots and flavour can be achieved through reading Philip Jose Farmer’s biography of Doc Savage.

Walter B Gibson’s The Shadow (Alec Baldwin film falls far from the tree but is watchable.)

Robert E Howard’s contemporary horror and comic boxing stories would both add a lot of flavour.

Paul Malmont’s Chinatown Death Cloud Peril is a modern work telling a pulp story starring 30s pulp authors Gibson and Dent playing and subverting period tropes. Strongly recommended.

Marcus Hearn & Alan Barnes The Hammer Story – covers many Hammer movies (not just horrors) in double page splashes with plenty of plot and atmosphere points to plunder.

The Indiana Jones original trilogy

The Good, the Bad and the Weird – Korean Manchuria set 1930s western – mad max meets leone

The Rocketeer – awe shucks proto superhero.

High Road to China – is a Asia spanning aviation adventure starring Tom Selleck… speaking of which …

Magnum PI – despite its 80s setting steeped in pulp sensibilities and had a surprisingly number of paranormal inflected episodes.

Tales of the Golden Monkey: 1930s seaplane shenanigans TV series which I need to watch.

4 comments on “Pink Gins & Googlies : a Pulp Appendix N

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