Flashing Blades 1623: a snap in the dark

Only two of the Cauldroneers enjoyed their breakfast – the Baron Remi and Joesph. Joseph’s new man servant Boulanger you replaced the crushed Pierre Davide begrudgingly answered a knock at the door – it was the landlord Anton Davide and a young lady.

The lady is introduced as Madamoiselle Sonja Evelyne a steamstress who has been courting a alchemical colleague of Davide’s the Chevalier Eibon D’Averoigne

She explains her paramour house to all locked with strange noises emanating from it. Out of concern she set urchins to watch it and reported the noises contained at irregular intervals but no exit or entrance to the house. Not even the alchemist’s lackey / clerk Armoraristan.


Eager to help a damsel in distress and having established from their landlord no inkling of the Chevalier’s researches.

They inspect the robust detached town house – not someone can clambered the walls with tiger claws and stay at the next door Hotel du Pont. Having heard the curious noises they complain to the manager and offer to investigate, it’s been damaging trade.

Leaping from the roof the hotel Joesph secures a tether and the Baron Remi follows – though he falls short the safety rope and his strength enable him to clamber up. Investigating they find the earlier interloper jacked through the thatch into the attic space and they follow.

The attic space reveals little – the top floor the Clerks quarters appear trashed as does the library with great warhammer type fist dents in the daub and books scattered. The next floor down there is the master bedroom and an alchemical lab also ransacked. Overcoming being startled by a hanging stuffed mummified crocodile they search the lab.

They find the body of a brawny rough hewn pantherish rogue – missing a head. There’s no sign of blood from the missing head (though plenty from the neck ) and a curious long tooth embedded in the deep ‘v’ of missing tissue below the neck. They can also hear a curious bass like snoring from the bottom of the building.

They hear a whimper from the chimney. Searching it is the weak half starved wide eyed Armourartisan who has been hiding there. He recounts how a brigand burst into their home to plunder their secrets.

“Secrets man was not meant to know. His master took the elixir – the elixir that is meant to take men back to the age of Enoch. But worse than that it took him back to a land before tine – it a time of behemoth and leviathan, oh the horror, THE HORROR’

Despite Joesph efforts to calm the servants hysteria leads to rousing noises below – a snorting crashing creaking and then a snapping. The Cauldroneers turn swords in hand to face the twisted giant form of what was ? the Chevalier D’Averoigne smashing up the stairs and from primordial eons past….

(Art from elephant men – read elephantmen it’s really good)


2 comments on “Flashing Blades 1623: a snap in the dark

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