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Flashing Blades 1623: a snap in the dark (part deux)

Following on from the events of Part Un Joesph and Baron Remi find themselves confronted by the Crocodile-man-beast they presume to be the Chevalier D’Avgionine.

The Baron gets a shot off with his pistol and then the adventurers flash their blades in an effort to ignore the beast. It’s tail flails and hurts Joesph but it’s wild blows miss Remi and it manages to cripple it’s own arm and smash Amorartisan loose from the chimney he was hiding in.

Joesph backs off and using a grappling hook and line from the dead burglar tries to snare the beast while Remi tries to entangle its jaws with his cape. The Baron then retreats up the stairs to enable Joesph to investigate down stairs.

At which point the Chevalier grabs the failing Amourartisan with his good hand and brings him down like a club – skull to skull on our hero and apprentice clergyman. With a sickening crack Baron Remi Sordeau meets his maker.

Joesph meanwhile has laid the grapple as a primate trip line. As the Crodillian races after him down the stairs it trips and he races up only to trip on the same line. Turning to face the lunging snaping face Joesph lunges with his rapier leaving it buried in the top jaw of the predator and while it is stunned flees to the roof.

Meanwhile Boulanger Joesph’s ‘faithful’ manservant has investigated heard the Baron’s shits and summoned Anton and Jean to the rescue.

Anton picks the lock and entering the beast charges down at them. Jean managed to discharge two muskets at it before a powerful blow at his head knocks him out leaving Anton to face the beast. Resorting to use a chair to knock Joesph’s sword further into its head or head he manages to knock it out.

Then the building is suddenly surrounded by City Guards the Lieutenant commanding of which is advised by Sonja Evelyne who seems less the seamstress. He commands the survivors – pays them 200L for their silence, expresses satisfaction that they were recommended to her by the Lady Malfleur and assured them as the lap and sleeping beast are loaded into wagons that this will be looked into by ‘top men’

In memorandum

In the words of his player ” Tonight in Flashing Blades I said adieu to Remi Sordeau, priest in training, Baron and member of the Knights of the Dagger. He had his head smashed in by a giant man-crocodile wielding his manservant as a club. It’s how he would have wanted to go.”


The Cardinal looks over the papers. ” Thank you – file this in case we ever have any expeditions to Egypt”

The clerk took the file away. More on this in Chapter II of the Sobek Imitative Sabeurs and Savants at Devacon.


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