Flashing blades 1624: an Ambassadors Tales – the Constantinople Emerald

Having concluded the adventure of the Ambassadors Adventure the Cauldroneers and M. Beinvenue travel South to Trieste.

They open their sealed orders from the Cardinal informing them to accompany the Ambassador to a secret meeting then proceed to the Republic of Venice and secure the ‘ Constantinople Emerald’ with the help of the Cardinal’s Venetian Spy Senator Grimaldi.

Cruising to an isolated island on the Sardinian sloop Cerena they meet with half a dozen musselman Corsair s lead by the flamboyant gold toothed hairy chested Alsalah the Turkish terror of the Mediterranean Sea ! He and the Ambassador have a Congress before the party continue to Venice.

Proceeding to Venice the diplomatic party are introduced to the Doge and locate the Emerald – worn around the neck of the Doge’s beautiful daughter Iona who appears to take a shine to Joesph (whether or not she has noticed Joesph is a Josephine we know not.)

Speaking to Grimaldi they find she is kept under close guard by a governess & elite Swiss Guards ‘the Lion’s Claws’ but allowed out during Carnival.

Fortunately it is carnival season so the Cauldroneers tail the lovely Iona to know her routine, Antonine commissions a shady jeweller to make a replica of the Emerald (funded by a loan arranged by Jean) and Joesph and Durand stage a pantomime of Joesph defending Iowa’s beauty.

Now the stage is set – how shall our brave French adventures execute their heist ?

4 comments on “Flashing blades 1624: an Ambassadors Tales – the Constantinople Emerald

  1. […] busy day of scheming and planing by the Cauldroneers with a run through shadow of the princess Iona (in preparation of the actual heist/switch) both of which will be played through next […]

  2. […] is interrupted by not one but two old flames of Joseph’s arrive within mere moments . The Princess Iona of Venice having absconded from her journey to marriage in Florence and naive Amanda Pepperbox […]

  3. […] Returning back they find Antoine and Boulanger unconscious with empty wine cups. Amanda is missing – NO! Not Amanda it was Charlotte she has drugged the party and abducted Joseph’s beloved Princess Iona ! […]

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