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Flashing blades: manoeuvres fantastic

Here are a few team manoeuvres that have come up from recent musing and convention antics

Le Switcheroo

Two adventurers who have spent at least a month practicing can on both performing a defensive movement short action as their first action (dodge/sidestep/duck) swop their opponents once a combat per pair of opponents. Therefore wrong footing opponents who would have prepared their defensive moves on the original opponents.

Le Fastball espical

A character with minimum strength of 15 can hurl a non-tall, non-stocky character. 10m on a successful strength roll. This takes a months practice.

The hurled character must make an acrobatics roll or take 3pts damage to a random location (6 on a 20)

The hurled character attacks with surprise with a lunge or slash as an automatic major wound if they hit and there is no parry – the defender only gets a reaction parry or defensive movement bonus.

Le Jean Woo

A fencing character on ducking can enable a character with ready firearms to shoot over their back with a +3 to hit (due to the surprise element.) Again this is due to a months practice between the two characters concerned.

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