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Flashing blades 1624: an Ambassadors Tales Constantinople Emerald (part Trois)

The Cauldroneers successfully shadowing Joesph playing court to Iona on her nightly travels through Carnival not withstanding

  • Punch n Judy shows
  • Curious silent white robed abs masked figures taking an interest in Antonine & smelling of nutmeg
  • The Venetian custom of ‘grabbing the duck’
  • Narrowly escaping the interest of pick pockets

So with Durand surviving his morning duel everything is ready for the third night and snatch. The plan is :

  • Have a bunch of blue ponched domino masked drunken hirelings revelling
  • Jean let’s off a smoke ‘bomb’ klindling with powder cord
  • In the smoke Antonine dressed like the revellers gets close and swipes the Emerald
  • Joesph pursues, Antonine quick changes and the swap the real for the fake
  • Durand uses his captaincy to distract the lions claws to protect Iona
  • Joesph ‘returns’ the fake to Iona
  • Depart on the morning tide

Remarkably things go nearly according to plan – a performance by Turkish acrobats mean the venue is crowded and the revellers spread out in the throng but Antonine is able to use the crowd to his advantage. The lions claws have a job bashing their way through the masses.

However…. things take a less chaste turn when Joesph walks Iona back to her palace and the Princess insists on dressing ‘his’ wounds. He turns out the sharp eyed debutante has noticed Joesph’s personal secret and indeed grateful for the theft as without the real Emerald her unwanted betrothal to a Prince of Florence can be aborted.

The Cauldroneers sail on the morning tide enjoying a hearty payday from the Doge buying the Catholic league documents (1100L each) and the Emerald is exchanged with Alaslah the Pirate.

Next stop Sicily and the Spain for Torre del Diablo

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