Flashing blades 1624: Ambassadors Tales – el Torre el Diablo (part un)

Matters resolved in the affair of the Constantinople Emerald the Cauldroneers & Ambassador Beinvenue sail via Sicily escorted by the pirate Alsalah to Sardinia. The Emerald was granted the pirate fit certain papers.

There resting the Dragoon Durand attempting to boast his way into local horse races ends up offending the locals and getting into another duel. A local quiet gentlemen of means arranges for him to fight the strapping scar faced cutlass wounded Antonio who with one deft chop wounds the cavalryman settling the matter at their dawn beach clash.

Traveling on to Valencia Spain they then open their sealed orders to carry a make contact with a French agent at Alcazar castle where the ambassador will be negotiating then take a sealed message to a prisoner Marquis de Challes in the infamous political prisoner the Torre el Diablo and take his response (but not let him escape.)

They travel inland to Sagovia make on contact at the Castle Alcazar with a French agent Captain Pixar’s of the Noble Guard and are briefed on the fortress.

The Torre el Diablo is run by an runoured Warlock kept in the pay of First Minister Olivares due to his ingenuity at torture – it has over 30 Guards but by wading the moat and swimming into the well it can be entered. The Cauldroneers ride through the night and reconnoiter the castle.

2 comments on “Flashing blades 1624: Ambassadors Tales – el Torre el Diablo (part un)

  1. […] past a guardroom filled with raucous card playing guards they search cells for the Marquis Des Challes to no avail they find a squalorus quarters of the warden El Loco and his person whip room (which […]

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