Lunchtime Lairs 7: Troll Tremors Massacre and Men in Black

Lunchtime Lairs is a Wednesday lunchtime Jane in Liverpool city centre at the premises of the excellent Justplay games 12-2 every week – come and join us. We are currently playing Blackhack.

Following being hired by Baron Pavel the party of

Farquhar the Conjuror

Hector the Hoplite

Blegrin the Warrior

Seneca of the Streets a thief

Andromeda a thief

Jirad thr Cleric Who worships the Yerlot, the god of fate.

Joined by Thoth a cleric worshiping Freya.

Further quizzed the Troll Scramblegranite. Not trusting it and thinking the promise of dragon treasure 250 miles distance a poor reward they decided to return and further quiz the Baron. However Hector who emphasised with the noble troll removed one of the iron pegs setting it free to burrow ‘tremors style’ towards the ranch as the party raced to beat it.

Confronting the Baron as the ranch panics and shepherds ride back in a to defend it’s confirmed he did betray at scramblegranite.

A great subterranean rumble and other tremors like troll spoor appear on the hill tops resulting in sinkholes they accounts for two of the 5 Shepherds riding back to the rescue.

Farquhar goes in the ranch house to protect the women and children. Thoth and Andromeda manage to escape a Scramblegranite sink hole and Hector grabs the Baron and with Jirad and Thoth’s help deliver him to the troll in return for the rest of his clan being called off – Hector being able to ward off the troll with the enchanted spike.

And so the Baron meets a sticky end crushed by Scramblegranite into a bloody block for the troll’s mantelpiece.

The trolls sketches a map from its concrete spittle for Hector and admits to having been conned by an earlier bunch of adventurers the Baron hired who ran off for the Dragon treasure without freeing him.

As the trolls depart the adventures regroup only to met with accusations of murder and betrayal (not unreasonably) by the beautiful Baroness Pavel.

Despite efforts to charm and film flag her she sets her 3 surviving guards on them but they’re little competition for a hardened party of thugs and despatched. Only a lady of the house reaching the arbalest in the ranch house and threatening Hector gets the party to back off (after stealing horses.)

Riding to the north west they head into the alpine pasture and the high forest trading for furs. Getting close to the dragon lair one night on watch Thoth and Andromeda are spot eyes on them in the dark. Waking the rest of the party they find 4 jaguars stalking the camp but scare them off with reflected light from Farquhar’s lantern.

Andromeda is sent to reconnoiter leaping a dry river bed and scrambling up she sees the four jaguars and 7 stress and 6 persons in black.

  • 2 ‘handlers’ with bows and shorts words – one with two falcons on his saddle and an owl on his falconer’s gauntlet.
  • 2 warriors with mighty crossbows, axes and shields
  • 2 wizardly types
  • What looks to be a large jar mounted on a donkey saddle

All in black – all man and beast visible wearing a ruby like choker and no word exchanged between them.

Slipping back she reports to be part my when

A thunderless crack of lightening and a huge tree smashes into the camp – the party dodged either side splitting it asunder

With extra players and more returning next week we have now I think 2 parties so the party will split with me concluding my plot and Neil picking up with other bunch #lunchtimelairs is proving a great success so if your free on a Wednesday lunch do join us it’s a drop in / drop out affair and more GMs welcome too.

2 comments on “Lunchtime Lairs 7: Troll Tremors Massacre and Men in Black

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  2. […] Combat ensues and things are going pretty bad till Thoth the Cleric of Freya last seen when the tree fell arrived and sees it off with his deadly sling […]

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