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1624: Flashing blades: Torre El Diablo (part deux)

Travelling to the Spanish political prison the Cauldroneers leave Jean and his six muskets in an overwatch position while Durand, Joesph and Antonine swim the moat and up the underground stream to the internal well.

In the half moon night they climb the moon noticing a few pairs of lazy drunken and sleepy guards. They see the main prison Cyclopean occupying the eastern wall but are disturbed by a goon sent to water the horses. Successfully sheltering in the gatehouse Durand uses his Dragoon Spanish to start a round of insults in the dark between the water-carrier and prison-door Guards. In the resulting s huddle Antonine picks the lock and gets them in.

He called me what !

Sneaking past a guardroom filled with raucous card playing guards they search cells for the Marquis Des Challes to no avail they find a squalorus quarters of the warden El Loco and his person whip room (which one player found disturbing – heh it’s not like anyone’s aunt was skinned and eaten .) journeying upstairs they found the wretched Marquis.

Regretfully his repeated tortures by El Loco and temptations of salvation for his ‘penance’ by the Cardinal over the years have driven him quite man. He is convinced he has seen the truth of revelation and must be rescued as a prophet. Only the charm of Joesph managed to persuade him to comply with Richelieu’s request for intelligence.

The party where interrupted by a visiting inspecting inquisitor Don Zaragoza drawn by Challe’s ranting – they managed to film flam him (or so they thought.)

Escaping with Challes note they found the guard room empty and silent. Stealing whips from the whip room to fashion a rope the went up a tower. There Joesph furled a guard but was sorely wounded – Antonine pushed ‘him’ aside and joined the fight. Meanwhile the guards colleague was trying to get a shot with his musket as Jean tried to pick him off with his fusillade. Antonine and Joesph eventually defeated their opponent and the Spanish fusilier having missed leapt from the walls rather than face Durand with his blood up. Abseiling the walls the swam the moat and rode into the night before the Harrisson raised by Zaragoza could pursue them.

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