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Lunchtime Lairs 8b: a disembodied brain and a part vivisected dragon

Lunchtime Lairs is a Wednesday lunchtime Jane in Liverpool city centre at the premises of the excellent Justplay games 12-2 every week – come and join us. We are currently playing Blackhack.

With the falling tree Farquhar and Hector found themselves split from the rest of the party and attacked by the panthers of the Obsidian bounty hunters.

They despatched 3 of the beasts but when the human contingent of 2 warriors, 2 thief’s and 2 magicians arrived even Hector eventually realised they better surrender.

Observing their captors they realise they’re being taking to the vengeful Baroness Pavel. The Obsidians seem to silently communicated by ruby choker collars. There is a mysterious tank on a donkey they also has a swaying ruby light that they cannot fathom. They try and communicate with the tank to no avail and even to bribe guards but they seem incorruptible.

Travelling south the party is attacked by forest dwellers and the bounty hunters free the adventurers to repel the attack. They all flee through the arrows to the south.

Once clear eventually Hector grabs and shakes the tank and in so doing puts the rest of the bounty hunters into spasm – at which point he takes a choker puts it on and is immediately in its thrall.

He kids Farquhar they are in control now but Farquhar can’t buy notice they are still heading to the vengeful Baroness Patel’s – and start playing for time this is enough for the bounty hunters to decide to kill him which enables Hector to break his conditioning.

As Hector battles the bounty hunters Farquhar attacks the tank smashing it open to reveal a giant tentacled brain with a ruby eye on a stalk which was suspended in green ichor. Attacking it put the bounty hunters into coma enabling Farquhar and Hector to escape. The eldritch sight has upset the balance of the confectioner conjurer and Farquhar talks to ‘brainy’ the corpse of the creature – pats it at night etc.

Avoiding the primitive ambush they reach the secret entrance to the Dragon’s Cage they where advised by Scramblegranite. Sneaking in they hear a wheezing and sawing noise.

The scene that greets them is a worn and wasted dragon having its bile milked, teeth and scales removed while a sorcerer keeps it under I’m a trance. The five adventurers involved in this body looting are from the Far East.

Outnumbered and not overwhelmed they quickly come up with a plan.

Farquhar sauntered in with his purple top hat and started demanding ‘ who ordered the brain!’ While he flim flammed and fast talked the flabbergasted alchemist party ‘ do you want this brain or what ? ‘ Hector snook round and grabbed the Magician.

Then bad things happened.

A very angry dragon awoke in the middle of unrequested dental extraction, brutal skin graft and catheter fitting without any pain control and flew up roaring. The warrior Farquhar was chunnering to attacked him.

This is the scene Seneca walked into having woken up under a tree and tracked his comrades – exchanging arrow fire with the Dragon milkers to cover Farqhuar’s escape. After a few fails Hector torched the skins of Dragons bile causing a major explosion – Seneca & Farquhar escaped outside but Hector got blown into one of the interior exits separated in the dark.

The very angry Dragon killed the rest of the Alchemists.

Brainy did not survive the fight.

One comment on “Lunchtime Lairs 8b: a disembodied brain and a part vivisected dragon

  1. […] Following last weeks session Clarky had masterfully split the party and between sessions we discussed how it would work out. After the tree came crashing to the ground, and before anyone could react the ground opened up beneath Blegrim and Andromeda who were both on the same side of the tree. Faqual and Hector continued their adventure to get the Dragon’s treasure horde. […]

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