Flashing blades 1624: an Ambassadors Tales: Diplomatic Immunity

The Cauldroneers fleeing the Netherlands on the English sloop Swift arrive in Harwich. Met by a carriage and troop of Royal cavalry they set off for London. There orders from Richelieu are to escort M Beinvieu to London and then set off for Dover and secure a vessel ready to despatch at a moments notice for France.

In London they are taken to Sir Laurence of Dorset’s manse. King Charles’ agent shows them his robust home guarded by the Essex Pike. The Cauldroneers take their leave for a ride to the coast but are escorted by handpicked cavaliers Sir John, Sir Eric, Sir Graham and Sir Michael and their servant Terry the Welsh.

After the short ride to Dover Sir Graham and Sir Michael tend to the horses at the Cross Keys inn while the adventurers and Sir John and Sir Eric accompany them into town.

Antonine manages to get the cavaliers engaged in a game of cards and heavy drinking – while he listens to their drunken stories of dead parrots, empty cheese shops and larches Jean, Joesph and Durand escape to secure a vessel.

After a few false choices they hit upon Captain Gil of the Warwick Greyhound who hints he knows there’s something up with Joesph and makes them admit they’re in the Service of the Ambassador but he takes the job.

Antonine having taken the Cavaliers for the cost of passage they’re breaking even and mockingly head back to London with their hungover escorts.

There M Beinvieu despatches them to Lord Pepperbox’s estate near Norwich to gather papers for the negotiation. Jean stays behind as a messenger and rather than an escort they are given visas.

Pulling in half way to stay at the Priest & Pauper Inn they are interrogated by a party of Bedford Musketeers. Satisfied with their papers the Musketeers start mocking the French – true to form Durand , who could manage to find a duel in an empty room starts a challenge.

Outside the Musketeers and Antonine, Durand and Joesph pair off. Joesph solicits a yield with a thrust which crippled his opponents leg. Durand fights a long hard long but after suffering multiple thrusts to the chest passes out. After a succession of fumbles and near misses and seeing his hot blooded friend is passed out Antonine yields.


4 comments on “Flashing blades 1624: an Ambassadors Tales: Diplomatic Immunity

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