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Lunchtime Lairs 10ab: Out of the frying pan into the slave pen

Lunchtime Lairs is a Wednesday lunchtime Jane in Liverpool city centre at the premises of the excellent Justplay games 12-2 every week – come and join us. We are currently playing Blackhack.

Farqhaur, Seneca, Thoth and the Beak Squad of intelligent mutant penguins leave Penguin island and the brain cylinder and travel down current. The cavern narrows and the pace of current increases the penguins fair well but eventually the Conjourer can’t fend off the walls with his paddle and it breaks followed by the canoe hull turning our heroes into the rapids. They lose much of their equipment.

Seneca for instance is disarmed so Thoth lends him the demonic sword he found at the Dragon mound. The sword telepathically introduces itself to Seneca as Justbeam and is rather peckish for blood and souls.

Exploring the bay they washed up on Seneca finds a stair case – a very very tall stair case which eventually everyone scales the 1000 steps. Seneca sneaking spots a knight (later to be revealed an Automongolem) guarding a metal door.

The Beak squad rush him while Seneca sneaks round and ineffectually tried to backstab him – then Farqhaur and Thoth join in with magic missiles and slingshots. Eventually the penguins bring the creature low taking out the strange multicoloured sinews at its knees – Farqhaur beheads it having lost his spell slot and Seneca tries to slake Justbeams first but gets an electric shock from its soulless innards. He does however find a key to a door having lost his thief tools.

They hollow out the helm and Farqhuar impersonates the robot while the viewing slot is opened Seneca turns the keys and the Penguins rugby scrum style push at the door the party pile and in and take the occupant prisoner.

It is a woman Wizard Greer who has an amazing lab with machines that go vroom, an opulent library and bedroom, gears, levers, clanking dials and switches with an enormous telescope and brass cannon like object pointing out over an open balcony that faces the dragon mountain and a domed hill Farqhaur estimates the location of penguin island.

Questioning her and revising her papers they find snook for the cranky hungry penguins and her notes suggesting she used her magnetic traction cannon to crash the brain cylinder and intended to capture and brain and use it to take over a dragon to invade the city. Unfortunately the adventurers let her down. The PCs decide not to join her in city conquest and keep her tied up.

They decide to go to the Vark dwarfs – Greer has a boat but it was shrunk and hidden in a snook now in a penguin gut. Rejecting exploding a penguin or sifting through penguin guano they search again and find a secret passage.

It turns out the Vark deliver the snook via this secret passage the party travel down and hear a familiar sound –Blegrim moaning – they shout greetings but are met by strange suspicious greetings by Jens Abram. Farqhaur goes forward to try the old flim flam act but the Guardians of Antiquity soon cotton on he’s repeating details of their party to his comrades and he’s shot to zero hit points by a magic missile.

Seneca, Thoth and the Penguins surrender in face of overwhelming odds and are looted and bound to be marched off to the slave pits where Dave will take over running with the two parties united… poorer but perhaps wiser.

Nah are we kidding…..

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