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Flashing Blades 1624: Diplomatic Immunity (Part Deux)

Arriving in some parts beaten up (Durrand) from their duel with the Bedford Musketeers the Cauldroneers ate greeted by Matthew Talant and taken to meet Lord Pepperbox.

Before meeting the Walrus like Pepperbox they meet his identical looking daughters – the haughty and cruel Charlotte (with a red ribbon) and the put upon and passive Amanda (with a white ribbon.) Amanda seems drawn to Joesph.

Lord Pepperbox looks over their papers and finds a visa problem which he’ll have to fix overnight before allowing them to return to London with his papers for the Ambassador. It would not be safe for them to travel with a regiment of dragoon’s on patrol in the neighbourhood.

The Cauldroneers smell a rat – going to frankly dismal English dinner Durand goes to make toilet and ruffles through the Lords office but to no avail. Joesph received a note from the furtive Amanda promising information on her father’s betrayal. Durand spots a stout gelding being saddled and all doors are locked and guarded.

Having returned and finished dinner Durand fakes illness demanding fresh air eventually inducing vomiting but to no avail. In the hubbub Antonine slips away and into the roof.

There are no dragoons. He spots on the horse ready and grooms on the door. He slips back in and then he goes down and Pilfers papers from Lord Pepperbox’s bureaux.

He’s interrupted by the love forlorn Amanda thinking him Joesph – Joesph taking over finds out Pepperbox has despatched Talant to Norwich to summon guards to execute or arrest the team. Joesph asks Amanda for any proof and they find Sir Laurence of Dorset’s letter to Lord Pepperbox.

Just as well as Antonine managed to steal the accounts for the estates pig farm.

The latter Boulanger determines Has a coded message which they interior as doom for the Ambassador. Amanda rushes off the get changed.

Changed she meets the players – Antonine shimmy’s up a chimney (a speciality) and then leads the remaining team and maiden up. The hijack horses from grooms with Durand’s pistols and ride for London !

One comment on “Flashing Blades 1624: Diplomatic Immunity (Part Deux)

  1. […] from the Pepperbox estate the Cauldroneers and Amanda head towards London down the coast road. Hit their horses full pelt but have to pull over and hide […]

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