Pink Gins & Googlies : Cranford Ladies College Old Girl XI Empire & America Touring Team 1923-24

An excerpt from Astra the Cranford Ladies College alumni magazine :

Ladies, Lady Lilly Bouchet is sponsoring on old girls cricket of select colonies and major Cities of the United States so far she has assembled the following game girls and likely characters joining the tour:

  1. Aunt Agatha Gregson (pre-gen)
  2. Abigal ‘Smasher’ Flashard (pre-gen)
  3. Mavis Winthrope (Old Scouser Roleplaying)
  4. Gwendolyn Devonshire (Andy S)
  5. Deborah Carstairs-Lomax (pre-gen)
  6. Margret ‘Mags’ Hebblethwaite (Matt)
  7. Petra Rebecca Harvey (Lee C) (wicket keeper)
  8. Hettie Larwood (Andy H)
  9. Contessa Florence Di Lemichello (Dave G)
  10. Lady Lilly Bouchet (pre-gen)
  11. Edith Tremeroux (Stubber)

Cleethorpes a former porter of the school will be acting as bud driver and bag carrier.

You will see we have an opening for at lease one player on the tour so please write to Lady Lilly at Floral Hall, Cranford, Cheshire.

You will not we we have 7 current players and 4 pre-gens. The intention is for this pulp cuthlhu hack game to be played by a mixed potpourri of players/characters across internet sessions, lunchtime Lairs and the lazy landlord if your interested in picking up a pre-gen email dissectingworlds AT yahoo DOT com.

More details on the other characters (where I have them in detail:)

Hettie Larwood, scholarship girl from a pit village. “Which of her ribs would you like me to break, skipper?”

Edith Tremoroux – a Belgian woman married to a British officer who sadly passed away during the Somme, Edith went on to volunteer as a nurse in the Voluntary Aid Detachments and was sent to Flanders from the end of 1917 until the end of the war. Whilst there, she was mainly based at Lens though her medical skills – whilst useful – were subordinate to her ability to speak fluent French and thus act as a translator.

Whilst there are some stories of her being involved in skulduggery related to her translation work (rumours vary – though most revolve around stories of a train of missing French – or possibly German – gold), these are simply rumours and hearsay which can – and should – be entirely ignored, especially by the more scurrilous members of the gutter press who she has threatened to sue on more than one occasion.

Ms Tremoroux (she reverted back to her maiden name when her husband died) is not a great beauty, but is slight & plain with dark hair. She now supports herself as a French teacher.

She is both an adequate bowler & competent mid-order batsman, but really excels as a fielder, mainly in the slips (Fly slip or Leg Slip).

Gwendolyn Devonshire – flamboyant deb and gowersque batsman

Lilly Bouchet A widow who funds the team and their overseas trip. She’s bored and lonely after hubbie’s death and does it to alleviate those feelings


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