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Flashing Blades 1624: Diplomatic Immunity (Part Trois)

Fleeing from the Pepperbox estate the Cauldroneers and Amanda head towards London down the coast road. Hit their horses full pelt but have to pull over and hide when a passing patrol of 20 English Cavalry troopers go past with a woodcut of them.

Suspicious that Amanda appears to be trying to signal the troopers with a make up mirror they resolve to keep and eye on her.

With Durand acting as a scout they come across a troupe of travelling players. Reasoning their hunters are looking for 3 men and a lady they resolve to change the make up of their party – Antoine pilfers a washer woman’s dress & voila ! He is a she

They press on meeting a galloping Jean on the road who announces the Ambassador has escaped Sir Laurenance’s clutches and fell to Dover.

Meanwhile Joesph feeds Amanda false information and mentions things that never happened in their conversation – concluding she is in fact her evil twin sister Charlotte!

Next they happen upon a body of dragoons led by Matthew Talant – Amanda signals them with a cough. As Durand clamps his hand over her – Antoine stumbles out as a drunk consumptive washer woman allying suspicions.

When the Dragoons ride on they conclude to bind the Jezebel in the woods with false story they will sail from London and make haste to Dover.

Reaching Dover they board the Warwick Greyhound are reunited with Monsieur Beinvieu and after nearly being caught by a English patrol ship slip away to Calais, a coach to Paris and the congratulations of the Cardinal.

That concludes ‘An Ambassadors Tales’ campaign – next back to Paris but I’ll post a blog on my and thr players overall thoughts of the campaign.


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