Flashing Blades 1625 a Tale of Deux Mademoiselle’s (Part Deux)

Durand pulled away to deal with issues of the Royal Dragoon’s livestock Antonine and Joesph continue to deal with the issue of Princess Iona and Amanda Pepperbox.

Antonine decides to tell the Cardinal but popping out sees three monochrome members of Lion’s Claws – the elite Swiss mercenaries in the pay of the Doge of Venice. Ducks back in and checks the Bach but a Lions claw is covering the back with a pistol.

Joesph and Iona dash through the Davide family quarters and escape to the rough. Antonine answers a knock of the door where a Leutenant Scheunzer demands the return of the ‘Doge’s property.’ Antonine flim flams while the Swim hack at the door with axes. He tries to block the door with a sofa but fails and flees for the roof as the burst in.

On the roof Antonine is shot by a musket fired from a carriage but soldiers on. They decide to jump from roof to roof but Joesph fails plummeting his jerkin luckily catches on a portion of the house but he skips out the jerkin revealing his Maidenly virtues! Fortunately Antoine is to witless to notice and Joesph recovers the jerkin and dignity.

Amanda Pepperbox then suspiciously turns up and offers Joesph and carriage ride to escape – but he declined asking her to make out he’s escaped as a diversion now convinced she is the evil Charlotte Pepperbox.

The pursuing Lions Claws are in-depth climbers two fail to scale the wall one falling and breaking his arm. Another falls not breaks his fall and meets Joesph in battle while and third fights Antoine. Shot in the chest with Antoine’s arquebus got his trouble he is the slashed and despatched in short order. Joesph also has good luck delivering a lunge to his opponent who passes our.

Finding the pistol packing Lion Claw rescuing the one with broken arm they suggest meeting at the Pont de Louvre and sorting a diplomatic solution.

The Party march to the Cardinals Guards barracks and Sergeant Antoine explains everything to Captain Rochefort. The Captain goes from flirty to confused to increasingly put upon middle manager as the mess is explained to him. While the civilians wait, the puny Antoine is made to do polearm drills in full armour as punishment.

A sweaty Antoine and the lovebirds are taken to the Cardinal who is doing his fencing lesson.

He takes on board decides he doesn’t want a union of Florence and Venice and Iona may be a useful bargaining chip so instructs Joesph to keep her happy but stay unattached.

Given the size and lack of prominence of England and the Pepperboxes Richelieu gives the party there heads which they interpret that Antoine or Durand should get close to Amanda / Charlotte and find out what’s going on !


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