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Cheshire Pendragon 502ad: Year of the Frogs


Falling the election of Dux Brutus and death of King Rhyons its a relatively quiet year for the knights of Cheshire. Though as expected from Merlin cursing Cheshire with the curses of Moses the county is infested with Frogs.

Sir Gilmere, the Baron Middlewhich along with Sir Piran and Sir Renauld resolve to solve the mystery of King Pellinore.

Sir Anerin, Sir Gato and Sir Hannibal fend off raiders spilling over from the Norgales civil war.

Squire Mathuin fights against raiders from Cameliard.

While Sir Spurius leads a mission to Rome asking for recognition of the Sainthood of the martyr Errin.

Soliciting some lucidity from Pellinore the Baron and party realise the Questing Beast is Pellinore’s wife transformed upon finding he was having an affair with the late Baroness Middlewhich (or was it her witch impersonator ?) either by grief, magic or both. Guilt drives his insanity and quest. They track down the questing beast, corner it and through skilful lite play calm it enough to explain the Baroness is gone and King is guilt stricken. The beast transforms to a frail old lady – fighting there way to a fraction of Irish and Norgales (the Irish stragglers from the Siege of Chester) they reunite the couple who combine into a larger and yet more glorious questing beast that gallops off to the North.

On the Norgales borders after skirmishes with cattle rustlers the party note frogs passing into Norgales. Following them they encounter pilgrims – young people travelling the same path to a ‘ Lord bactarian’ who is ensconced on the summit of Moel Famaeu. There they note Raven witches keeping watch and form an alliance suspecting the tricks of their old foe the sorcerer Silenus.

Entering the temple they find an orgy – Sir Anerin is overcome by the incense and joins the festivities but his colleagues are made of sterner stuff. The wizard then makes the orgy revellers look like snakes – Sir Gato uses his dagger to cut through while Sir Anerin in his nakedness snaps and cracks his way through breaking limbs and necks. Hannibal keeps his wits and shakes Gato out of it as the necromancer flees. The mage sledges down the slope but the ravens Garry and Harris him so the knights catch up. A trial is held.

The witches verdict is :

‘ Silenus also mascarading as Moloch, Thaddeus, Lord Toad and the sundry other lies you are accused of manipulating and destroying the innocent for no great working to prevent the white Christ stamping mundanity on the land of the blessed but merely for personal pleasure and sadistic amusement. You are an unfit twisted thing wracked by unnatural forces and give to find amusement in others suffering like a cat playing with tortured  prey. You are a maggot, a rodent and no honourable maker of magics and as such should be put to death.”

For Cheshire Sir Hannibal

” Silenus, you stand charged with the Foulest of Witchcraft and Sourcery against the Just and True Dux of Chester and the Laws of Man and God and must face punishment.”

Hannibal pauses and looks nervously at the Witches. “…as opposed to any other Witchcraft and Sourcery against Chester, I guess”

“You have acted to corrupt men of good character, acted to subvert honour of our lands, and…and….generally you’re just a shit and we’re better off without you. So thats the charges, can we skip to the execution now?”

At which Sir Anerin naked and ashamed beheads eve foul foe.

In the south Mathuin fights many skirmishes and then meets Sir Alfred and Sir Brutus under truce escorting the Lady Nia, the Orofoise court Sister of Minerva. She is proposed by King Belisans of Sugales as a spouse for Norgales and Mathuin escorts her back.

Sir Spurius gets an audience with the Pope after a rocky passage the Saint Errin may have eased. The Pope will agree to Sainthood but expects a hearty donation from the county. This falls heavily on the Dux’s ears but he sets the Dioceses clerics to compiling a Doomsday book to levy the funds – with particular attention to the religion of the County’s residents.

After some concerns over Lady Nia’s flirtations with Sir Renauld, Sir Gato agrees to marriage. He also quietly offers to look after Sir Hannibal’s nun nurse Maria and her bastard. The nunnery despatched the older stretcher Sister Bernadette to help raise Hannibal’s brood. Mathuin is to be knighted in the new year enabling his marriage to Lilly whose twin sister Rose is to marry Sir Piran. Tragedy struck when former Dux Sir Randle playing with Renauld’s boisterous toddler Marc Aurele falls down the stairs breaking his neck. Sir Renauld arranges a funeral at Chester cathedral with this monument.