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Hero kids revival 2 & 3 : the valley of medusa and the forest of the rat king

Jay and Zoe crossed a bridge where they met a Druid Sindow (mummy) who was travelling the same way as they as they tried to reunite the penguins with their owner Farquah.

They entered a narrow valley filled with dozens of statues of adventures caught in action poses. Walking through they feel a hiss and Jay is hit by an arrow – a poison arrow! Zoë rushes and gives him a healing portion while the Druid searches for the attacker listening to a ominous hiss.

Sindow has no look but Jay spots their enemy – Medusa ! Luckily she isn’t looking at him and he’s able to point her out to Zoë who wraps her magic long hair around the eyes and head of Medusa pulling her into a tree that Sindow makes crunch into a fist capturing the monsters

With the penguins help they bind the Medusa. She claims to have been cursed and can’t reverse having made people statues but they’ve decided to take her to Farqual to try and lift the corpse.

Meanwhile in the scary woods the hero kids where about to enter a rat passes the message to the Rat King (they’ve met him before.) he swears to free the Medusa – with that I had to run it the very next day.

It wasn’t mums cup of tea though so the Druid took her own path. (Mum prefers Khan of Khans …)

So entering the scary forest Zoë was jumped on abs attacked by two rats and knocked out. Jay rushed and gave her potion awakening her while the Penguins where all attacked by rats. Jay tried several original attacks trying to create cyclones or storms but not quite succeeding but together they managed to fend of the rat attack. All the while they were tainted by the Rat King from the depths of the forest.

With his his first wave defeated the rat king dropped a glass jar on the penguins with a pipe attached and threatened to gas them if the hero kids didn’t free Medusa. Zoë used her her to lift the jar so the penguins rolled away. Then while the penguins help it open she whirled her long hair helicopter style to blow the poison gas back up the pipe at the Rat King making him choke.

Following the pipe Jay taunted the Rat King with a cheese sandwich from his backpack into the open and then they unblindfolded Medusa and shouted the rat king so she accidentally turned him to stone.

Free from peril they escaped the forest and reached Farqhars rusty little cottages his magical hot chocolate restored the heroes health And removed Medusa’s curse. All her victims where returned to flesh …

Including the Rat king who no doubt wants revenge !

Though My youngest has requested a scenario where Dracula tries to take over Farqhars chocolate factory …. chip of the old block that one

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