Pink Gins & Googlies chapter 1: Cairo Calamity Episode 2: A fistful of Crocs

Following the disruption of their picnic trip by sandstorms, uniformed thugs, cousin kidnap and four ladies of the Cranford Ladies College Old Girl XI Empire & America Touring Team

Mavis Winthrope (Old Scouser Roleplaying) – awkward number 3 bat

Gwendolyn Devonshire (Andy S) – throughly modern woman

Margret ‘Mags’ Hebblethwaite (Matt) – a scholarly type

Hettie Larwood (Andy H) – scholar girl and fast bowler

Discover a transformative charnel house that makes kidnapped males into were crocodile creatures such as clustered around the mad scientist type.

Attempting to sneak in Mags manages to blunder into lab equipment with a clash and clamour during attention to the party. While the self announced Professor Von Vulcan tries to engage her in expositionary banter Gwendolyn sneaks between the columns to get close & Hettie draws a bead on the machinery.

When Hettie takes a shot piercing an acid tank all hell breaks loose. Gwen takes pot shots at the Prof producing sparks from his left shoulder but his Crocs form a walk around him while others chase her. Known for her running between the wickets Gwen dashes between the columns running a merry dance.

Mags directs hettie to adjust her shot as if her first was a left handed batsmen and aim for fourth slip. The resulting gush of acid starts to erode one of the columns while Mags and Hettie clamber up onto the column supported level. Hettie to get a shot – Mags to explore a curiously smooth grainless and gem studded control panel for the column with the acid gnaws through the column causing it to crash into the machine but fortunately their piece of the mezzanine floor stays stable.

Gwen meanwhile using her hurdling and hockey skills runs her pursuers a merry chase – ducking and diving eventually skidding under the legs of the phalanx of what Von Vulcan calls his Sobekians and point her pistol at his head.

Calling off his reptilian goons the party bind him and take him outside. The machinary explodes blasting Mavis unconscious but she survives with no ill effects.

The Professor mourns the loss of his researches from the Chevalier Averoigne and the Napoleon Expedition. He then starts to panic as he realises the crocodiles will be losing control with the destruction of the control mechanism . The test for the village was to see if the fellahin seeded beasts would consume their wives and daughters. He is a White Russian Volga German experimenting for Chinese warlord backers.

There is a sudden pop and an explosion of smoke and the Proff makes a run for it. The lady cricketers pursue with Mags in the lead – Hettie throws a cricket ball like aiming for the stumps and winds the Professor and they wound him but he keeps running.

Shortly afterwards the Sobekians recover their wits and start to chase. Poor Hettie at the back of the cue in her sensible gear has four of the frothing beasts lumbering after her.

Mags realises the Prof is heading towards the docs manages to catch up with him – fails to trip him but the robust Mavis thrusts her cricket back up his labcoat (I said lab coat) pinning the villain. Mags finds clasps for his robotic prosthetic arm which as well as a smoke dispenser has a pistol built in which she keeps fixed on him.

They spot he was running towards the docks and there is a submarine with a few sailors and machine gun ready. They command the prof to order the sailors to abandon ship Mavis Jana the hatch shut with profs false arm and Mags mans the machine gun.

Not before time – Larwood has turned to face her pursuers jamming a spanner in ones maw and wounding one with a rifle but taking frightful wounds and losing a shoe. Debonair Gwen joined the fray pistol & quips blazing who is also savaged. They turn and dash as Mags let’s rip with the machine gun.

Machine gunnery is not the scholars lot and as Hettie and Gwen dive aboard Hettie lifts Mags off the gun and let’s rip.

A cacophony of fire produces a mist of blood and matter and she demolishes the charging crocodile mass.

The sub submerges leaving the girls and scoundrel stranded in the water. Blood from wounds draws actual Nile crocodiles into the water licking their lips. The professor offers rescue with his crocodile repellent spray but only if released. While two girls managed to scramble out Mags and Gwen are left but Hettie drags them out. The Prof using his spray backstrokes out but deciding the bounder was going massacre women and children the girls deal out justice ‘Cranford’ style shooting Von Vulcan and seeing him fall between the slathering jaws of the crocodiles.

They find the stubbed Herbert abs following gun fire they find the freed fellahin led by Yasmin ambushed and rolled up Vulcan’s guards driving them into the desert and the tender mercies of the Bedouin and climate. Yasmin arranges camels and escorts and gets the girls to a phone in order to get back to Cairo in time for their tour match (match report soon.)

6 comments on “Pink Gins & Googlies chapter 1: Cairo Calamity Episode 2: A fistful of Crocs

  1. What a sticky wicket, ladies … but bravo and well played!

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